Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog for Sale

Pure bred female Boxer for sale. Beautiful markings with brindle down her back and sides.

Did that picture sell you? Yeah, it worked on us too. She was so tiny and perfect and cute.

Now she is almost 9 months old and she is a little bit naughty, getting big and well, she is still so darn cute!

Back to my ad...

New owner must have large fenced in yard...this little girl has some major energy that she must get out of her system every day.

New owner must LOVE walking her as many times as new owner can handle in one day...minimum of 4 walks per day!!

New owner must not like their yard because this pretty little girl will dig endless holes in the yard looking for buried treasure.

New owner must have at least 3 boys for her to play with. The boys must have endless energy and the youngest child must wrestle with her anytime she wants. Youngest child must also bite her on a regular basis to show her that if she ever will hurt. Let the youngest sons biting be a lesson for the dog.

New owners above mentioned sons must share their food with her and lie to their parents when asked if they shared the food with the dog.

New owners must have lots of toys for her to chew on and not get mad when she chews toys that do not belong to her.

New owners must have lots of patients because even though this pretty little girl is almost 9 months old she still has accidents on a regular basis.

New owner Mommy must be from Iceland and talk Icelandic to the dog on a regular basis.

New owners must be forgiving, she likes to get in to things she is not allowed to get into.

New owners must love her as much as we do, despite all of the above mentioned flaws. Some people call that Personality others say she has a Fun Spirit.

New owners must be us. I could never get rid of this dog. I love her to pieces, even if she is driving me insane these last few days.

She so cute and she loves us just as much as we love her :o)

***This dog is not for sale, this was just a joke***


Pennie said...

You had me floored at first! When I started reading I was so SAD for you, because I know you love your dog! I thought you had to sell her because of the move!

Whew! Glad that was a false alarm! lol You had me going!

Great post, you little stinker! I can tell most of your packing is done - you're full of mischief! Good thing it's almost February so Duwayne can wisk you off to Illinois! You will have internet access right away, right???? That is a necessity - I'll miss you too much!

Melanie said...

HaHa! You got me! Cute doggie!

Pennie said...

BTW - I got your package...thanks so much!!!

Maura said...

My dog is really bad but I can't help but love her anyway! Your puppy is so cute!

3LittleMonkeys said...

That is a very funny and cute post! I love that puppy picture, so adorable!

Laura said...

I love this post, how adorable!! Seriously how could you have said no to her, she was so tiny and adorable!! I think dogs a re such a great pet to have around when you have kids, they are meant for each other! :)

Jamie H said...

We've got a boxer "for sale" too. New owner must not mind eye goobers all over the walls from shaking his head after he wakes up.
New owner must NOT keep dirty diapers in ANY open area.
New owner must be willing to change his/her comfortable position so the dog does not have to move.
New owner must be willing to put up with loud snoring at night.
TJ drives us crazy but we wouldn't trade him for the world!

Beth P. said...

Haha. This is cute. We have a boxer too and I've considered putting him up for sale numerous times. Lol.