Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to know YOU 1/17/10

It's Sunday and that means it's time for Getting to know YOU. Keely over at Mann Land 5 came up with this great way of getting to know each other, if you want to participate just click on the button above and have fun!!!

Here are today's questions...

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not?

My hair color is blonde but I have blonder highlights in my hair. I think my hair looks blah without having some variety to it!!!

2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them?

Yes!! This is actually a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when no one tells me if I have something in my teeth because I always tell someone if they do. I know how embarrassing it is to go the whole afternoon or night with something in my teeth or toilet paper stuck to my shoe! How do you not tell someone that they are trailing half a roll of Charmin behind them??? Or worse yet, tucked into their pants!!!

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?

A million dollars please!! I can buy whatever body I want to if I have a million dollars :o)

4. Favorite magazine?

I really don't have a favorite magazine. I read People if I am in the check out or at the doctors office. I get Better Homes and Gardens sent to the house (it was free for a year). But I don't really have a favorite.

5. Bra style..lacey or plain?

Both!!! I love to have pretty bras in every color and I like them to look pretty!

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy?

I would have to say sexy because I buy my bras and panties at VS and not clothing.

7. Do you fake and bake?

I do not go tanning right now but I have gone before. Last summer I went tanning to get my base coat so I wouldn't burn. I have to say that last summer I had a better tan than I have ever had before :o)

8. What's your favorite body part on a man?

I love Dewayne's eyes and his smile. Oooh he does have some crazy sexy lips too and his stomach is to die for. How can he still have an 8 pack after 4 kids?? Oh yeah, he didn't get fat and pregnant! Ok but you get the point though right? I don't think I can pick one part of Dewayne that I like best. I love all of him :o)


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

When I was in college, my best friend and I had a "pact" that whenever we went out to eat together, we would show each other our teeth and say, "Clean?" I always knew I was covered. I need someone like that now, in my adult life!!! I eat far too many everything bagels to think my teeth are always clean!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Stacey said...

I always tell if they have toilet paper on their shoes. I didn't do it, but I sent a friend of mine over to tell a girl her butt crack was showing once. lol

Pennie said...

I totally agree with Elizabeth and you, Helga! I am all for practicality - and I also have a tooth that COLLECTS FOOD...Mike is always telling me I have food in my teeth...and as I'm picking it out he teases me and says, "But, it's sexy..." Whatever. He's a hoot.

MannMom3 said...

No fair about men..We're left with saggy boobs and stretched out skin..and they are still perfect..Oh well!

You're the only one I've read so far that has said go with your sexy self..;-)

Thanks for playing girlie!

Laura said...

The last one totally made me laugh, SO not fair!! :)

Mom's on Fire! said...

SO agree on clueing the clueless in when they've got something going on in their teeth ... or on their feet! :-)

PS - I'm following you now! I keep seeing you all over my bloggy world!

Brianne said...

My husband is always telling me I have food in my teeth! I do not know why but I always do. I eat a lot of salads and I think that is the issue. Sigh.....

I need highlights too or else my hair looks bleh