Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspection, Tyrique and Migraine

First off let me tell you all that I was up until 2 am cleaning the carpets in my house. I woke up this morning and continued with the cleaning process and waited for the person to arrive at 3 o'clock. Then 3 o'clock came and went and no one showed up for the inspection. I called the office twice and told them I needed them here because I had somewhere else to be by 4.

The guy showed up at 4:06 and ran through my house checking everything that needed to be checked. He said that I did not need to worry about cleaning anything other than the appliances and the bathrooms. My carpets will be cleaned after we move out (the lady at the office told me to make sure to clean them...that meany). He said my house looked great and I do not have to pay anything out of pocket when we leave. YES!!!! That is what I was hoping and praying for.

Now in regards to Tyrique. I am going to the school tomorrow to get Tyrique's homework for the week and I am going to talk to the Principle while I am there. I have decided that I am not going to worry myself to death about this stuff. There is no way that the punishment fits the crime and those people have no case against my son. Tyrique could not have caused neck injury to the boy like they are claiming by putting him in a semi head lock. We have decided that we are not going to punish Tyrique for this because the fear of the police and having charges pressed against him is enough. We of course talked to him about not playing around in the bathroom and I told him he is not allowed to put anyone in any kind of a head lock ever again.

Now after all the drama that has gone on here for the last few days, I have a major migraine coming on. My head feels like it is going to explode right now and it is just getting worse. I am going to eat dinner (which I threw in the crock pot early today...thank goodness) and then I am going to lay in bed and not get out until tomorrow morning. The boys are all exhausted from staying up so late last night with me so they are going to sleep early too.

Thank you for all your support Ladies. I have never met you in real life but I love that you all are there when I need you. Please know that if you ever need me I am here for you!


Stacey said...

Make sure you take pics of everything! Hopefully everything gets worked out with your son.

Laura said...

Hope you feel better soon! Good luck at school tomorrow, I think you made a good decision. :)

Pennie said...

I prayed for your inspection - sounds like it went stellar - yeah! (Bridgette said she didn't know why but she was so on top of things yesterday, getting a TON of stuff accomplished! I said I was praying for YOU to do that, and maybe some of prayers were just rubbing off on her!) lol
I get migraines super bad. Excedrine Migraine is the best over the counter stuff. I have prescription stuff, too. But, Excedrine Migraine is great to knock it out, after you lay down. :)
Hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you, friend!

Erin said...

I was talking to my husband about it and he thinks there is no way that they have a case against your son. He doubts the cops will even truly get involved. Not to mention that since they spoke to him without you present that anything he said couldn't ever be used against him. I hope you feel better soon.