Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kobe's new Club House

After I cleaned out the cabinets in the kitchen Kobe found himself a new Club House.

Plus, the chips are kept there! Can't beat that huh?
Mamma you wanna sit down?
Here is Kobe in his favorite cabinet with his bag of chips and Dudda (Binky).
Close the door Mamma!
Peek a boo!!

Kobe loves sitting in the cabinet and always tells me to close the door. He is so excited about his new spot and the poor thing is going to be really disappointed when we get to the new house and he is not allowed to sit in the cabinets.


Stacey said...

I would camp out where the food is,too! Smart boy.

Pennie said...

Isn't that funny? This is going to be quite the adventure for him! Bridgette was 2 and Aaron was 3 when we had one of our moves. It was probably the most exciting move for them. For me, too!

Laura said...

That is so cute!! My kids do that all the time too, kids love little fun spots!

Maura said...

I love how he is always finding new hiding spots. So cute!

Heidi said...

So Cute!! I could just eat him up, oh and some chips too... if he would share. :o)

Micaela said...

oh my goodness Helga, your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!