Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Rambling

Sorry this post is a little bit all over the place.

So this last week was really stressful for me with the inspection and then the drama with Tyrique. As I stated before I have decided that I am not going to let this thing with Tyrique get to me. I know that everything will be fine in the end. The inspection is now over...thank goodness, I was so relieved that I took Friday off from this house and stayed upstairs with the boys the whole day. I laid in bed and read, watched a movie with the boys, read books to Kobe and just enjoyed not seeing the boxes downstairs. I do have boxes in my room but I just decided to ignore them :o)

Today was not as lazy as yesterday though. I started bright and early this morning and finished quite a few things. I boxed up my scrapbooking cabinet, it only took 4 boxes and that's not even half of my craft stuff :o) I then emptied a few of the kitchen cabinets and I swear to you there is really nothing left for me to pack anymore. The only things left are just the things that we need to use until we move.

This cute lil man is my Big Helper....or maybe he is just in my way??

This is what my living room looks like right now.
And if you walk just a little bit back you will see that the lil man mentioned before is a little bit bossy and like to tell his Mamma what to do. Put that in a box, put the box over there, take a picture of the TV.
And just for you Pennie, pictures of my empty cabinets :o)
Fancy china we are eating off of huh??

This cabinet used to be full and now all that is left is my rice cooker (it's on the table) and my hand mixer. There is a grater there but it has since been placed in a box :o)

Now, I have a little problem with Maya (my dog). I know that this packing up is throwing her off (Kobe is all weirded out by it too), but Maya is starting to pee in the house A LOT!!! Like all the time!!! I have tried everything and nothing is working. I try to make sure that the boys take her out for daily LONG walks and I am always showing her love and affection, trying to make sure she doesn't feel left out or ignored. What can I do other than keep her locked in her cage all day??? I can't have her peeing all over this house!

Today the boys and I are going to the movies to see The Blindside. The base theater is showing it and since the boys have been talking about wanting to see this movie since it came out I decided to use the opportunity today since it is only $2 a person on base.

What do you have planned for this weekend??


Stacey said...

You have been busy! You have the same china that I do.

Laura said...

Wow, way to go girl!! Love the china, makes things so much easier. :)

Pennie said...

Mike and I took Aaron to see The Blind Side on Friday night! Great flick, hey?
Thanks for posting the pics in my honor! lol
Ugh! I can't believe the dog is doing that! I feel bad for you. You can't leave her caged up. Just keep an eye out, and do the best you can. When's the day you leave?
I cannot imagine how many boxes my scrapbooking stuff would take! (It was only 4 years ago it WAS in moving boxes! Can't remember how many!)
Looks like you've done A TON! Way to go! I feel like I've been a slug lately, compared to you! You go, girl! Just think how nice things will be when you put them away in a new place.

3LittleMonkeys said...

Busy, busy girl! You have done so much work!
Did you like the movie? We saw it last night and it was great!