Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not-wordless Wednesday

This morning the whole house was up before 7 am, otherwise known as butt crack of dawn. We are not early risers here in this family and 7 am is waaaay too early!! I have to wake Tyrique and Markus up at that time to go to school but then I just go back to sleep when they leave and we all get up a few hours later. This morning Kobe had other things in mind, he woke me and everyone else up before the alarm even went off!!!

I have been online most of the morning, Dewayne went downstairs to the basement to try to get some more sleep on the couch and Kobe is in the living room making a mess.

Here is Kobe after taking all the pillows off my couch, telling me to take a picture.

Look Mamma, I'm sleeping on your pillows.
No more pictures please, I'm trying to sleep!

He is so darn cute, if only he didn't have to make such a big mess when he plays :o) I really don't mind though!

Today I was going to go to some thrift stores to look for a bed frame for Jalen but I think I will stay home today. I was out and about all yesterday and I am tired today. I will go tomorrow to look for a bed frame, maybe I will see if I can find something on craigslist. Craigslist here doesn't have as much of a variety as it did in Virginia. Also they are so much more expensive than they were in Virginia??? I don't get it!?!? Yesterday I found a used toddler bed on craigslist and the lady wanted $50 for it, when I asked her if she was willing to go down to $40 she said NO!!! She wouldn't even talk to me about buying the bed after that, she just said that she would keep me in mind....uh. hello!!! Maybe I was willing to pay $50 for the bed and was just trying to talk her down a little bit. Oh well, that lady will never know cause she was so rude!

Where can I find a cheap toddler bed? Kobe and Jalen's room is so small that I can't fit a twin size bed in there and I don't want to buy an expensive bed for Jalen because it will only be used for about a year. Besides, Jalen is so small that he will fit in a toddler bed no problem. I am having huge issues find a toddler bed!!! Poor Jalen is sleeping on the floor now in a sleeping bag and even though he find it exciting now, it won't be exciting forever!!!

What do you have planned for today?


Ms Bibi said...

Are you kidding? She wouldn't take $40 for used toddler bed? Was it covered in gold and jewels? Some people I tell you.

Helga said...

That's what I thought too!!! LOL

Olivia said...

Cute pics. Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's see if I can leave a comment this time.
Great to hear you had a good time with your knitting group, and fantastic you had your first sale! :)
Sure do hope you get a bed.
Take care.
Sísí in Co.Spr.

Pennie said...

Good luck in trying to find a toddler bed. How frustrating! Too bad it's not a few months later - there will be garage sales galore down there. You would be able to find a cheap one, then! (You'll love garage sale season!)

Have you tried freecycle? I think it's - if that doesn't work, google it. You'll have to nose around to find if there's a chapter in your area - but, I'll bet there is.

Good luck!

Helga said...

Thanks Pennie! I will try Freecycle today and see if there is one here, we had one in VA Beach that I used to use. I'm sure I could get one for super cheap this summer at the Garage Sales...I just don't want poor Jalen to have to sleep on the floor that long.