Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA! We were out and about most of the day today and then we had company come over this afternoon and they stayed until really late. We had a really good time though and that's all that matters :o)

Today we are taking a huge step by taking Kobe's pacifier away from him. He fell asleep without it, he ONLY cried for about 30 minutes before passing out from exhaustion. Poor thing, I feel so bad for him, he loves his Dudda (pacifier) so much and he had a really hard day without it all day. He didn't have a nap because we were out during his nap time so he was miserable because of that but then to have to go the whole day without his beloved Dudda....oh that poor baby was so miserable. I am such a softy and I tell you that I wanted to give him his Dudda all day long but mean Daddy said no!!! I agree that it is time for him to stop using the Dudda, he is two and a half and this is not good for his teeth but my baby loves his Dudda!

Okay, I am going to quit whining about the Dudda and my poor little baby and go to sleep. I am going to be exhausted tomorrow if I don't go to sleep soon. Good night everyone and sorry I have been slacking on blogging and reading your blogs. I promise I will get back to my regular stuck to the front of the computer screen reading blogs soon :o) LOL!!!


Pennie said...

Aaron was a tough one to get the pacifier away from - we clipped a little off the end...he threw it across the room, then picked it up. We clipped a little more off the next day, and the next - until there was no more. Dirty trick! But, it worked. It's tough for them, quitting smoking, I'll bet - they don't have that to fall back on. :( Poor baby!

Krajcimama said...

I've sooo been there with the "BINKIE" (as we call it). I actually contemplated not giving the twins Binkies - but they really do calm them down when they are upset.

My daughter was a tough one until we lost the Binkie and couldn't find it ANYWHERE and then we had to just tough it out...we STILL haven't found that Binkie!

Good luck - hang in there...

Erin said...

my kids never wanted pacifiers. Bottles were a different story though. I'm bad I let Riley keep hers till almost Christmas of this year! AGH! I totally lied to the pediatrician and said she was off it at a year. Finally she was down to two of them and one day I told her they ran away because she was to old for a bottle. She's only asked for it twice since then. And I thought it was going to be a huge battle.