Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Never a Wordless Wednesday

Last week Kobe and I went out for a walk. Before we left the house, I dressed him in wool socks, wool mittens, a wool sweater, wool hat and a snow suit. Just because it looks nice outside doesn't mean anything! We start our walk and about 4 houses down I start sweating, I thought it was just me and kept walking.

We walked all around the neighborhood and Kobe and I met some people who were playing with their dogs outside and Kobe got to throw a ball to one of the dogs a hundred or so times (the dog and Kobe loved each other and didn't want to stop playing).

Then we had to stop and take a picture of Kobe all dressed up in his winter clothes sitting in his stroller to put on the blog :o)

Then we saw the one thing we didn't see enough of in Virginia.....Squirrels!!!
This little squirrel was so cute and let us get pretty close to him and watch him eat. Kobe loved it and didn't want to leave the squirrel.
When we came home all sweaty from our walk I realized why we were so was 65 degrees outside!!! No wonder we were HOT!!!!

My wonderful friend Pennie just got some bad news and I would love it if you could all go over to her blog and show her some love. She needs it today!


Sonora said...

Hahaha! I have done that before. Or I have been sure my kids were cold and bundled them up, just to get them home and find them completely sweaty.
Thanks for the word on Pennie. I hadn't been to her blog for the last week and I had no idea. It is nice to know that people are looking out for her.

somer said...

That is so funny! Yes, our springs here in Illinois are unpredictable! You need to check the weather every day to figure out what to wear! I'm running the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago this Sunday and it looks like it might snow that day, but today it is in the 60's! Crazy weather!

Pennie said...

You are so sweet, Helga - thanks for thinking of me - and you will get your fill of squirrels in Chicago! ha ha

Hattie said...

That is too funny how you bundled him up! Better to be over dressed than under dressed!!! I'll send some squirrels y'alls way...we have a million of them here in Texas!!!

Laura said...

haha that is so funny! He does look cute all bundled up though! :)