Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sister Wives

I had heard talk on the world wide web about the show Sister Wives, I had no idea what the show was all about being that I am far far away in a land full of snow/ice (lol) across the ocean from my beloved US of A.  So the other day I decided to check it diggitty dog that is one awesome show!!!  I have watched the whole first season and I loved it!!!  Who knew it would be so much fun to watch the lives of polygamists.  Their house is amazing, I love how they have three different apartments in one!!  The kids get along wonderfully and everyone loves each other and helps out.  When one wife is working another one steps in and cooks dinner for her and so on and so forth.  Who wouldn't love that??

Now when it comes to 4 wives sharing one husband......

Not for me!!!

I would be crushed if my husband would want to marry another woman while still being married to me!  I would be crushed if I had to share my husband with 3 other wives!!  I would be crushed if I had to watch him father another woman's children while still being married to me!!!  

Watching the pain on the 3 wives faces when Kody (the husband) was courting the 4th wife was painful.  I cried with them at times when they were crying and then I was angry at other times because they were allowing this to happen!!!  After 16-20 years being just the 4 of you why would you want your husband to bring another wife into the mix?  Why would you allow it to happen???

Have you seen the show???  If so, how did you like it?  What do you think about polygamy??  

If you haven't seen the show you need to watch it!!!


Stacey said...

I haven't watched it, and I won't! Their lives are not all wonderful like they claim it is. There has been lots of reports come out about them since the show started. I won't watch it because I think it totally goes against what marriage is about. One man and one woman! Not 1 man and 4 or 5 women! If you love your wife, like you claim you do, why add another??? What happened to morals and values???

Pennie said...

I've never seen it. I've heard of it, though.

I used to kid, "Man, I need a wife!" whenever I couldn't finish my housework. :) But, I don't think I could do that...well, I know for a fact I could not or would not do that, actually - crazy, crazy, crazy!!! ;)