Monday, November 22, 2010

And the Award goes to...

This morning it was so hard to get out of the bed.  It was so cold in the house (I'm having some issues with the heating...grrr), Kobe was snuggled so comfy against me, it was MONDAY and I was still so sleepy!  None the less I got out of the bed and got ready for my day.  I got to work and after a few hours I checked my blog to find that Rochelle over at A Family of Looney had given me a blog award :)  It has been quite awhile since I have received an award and I must tell ya I was really excited that there are still a few reading what I have to say LOL.  

Rules for accepting the stylish blogger award.
1. Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this on to 13 other wonderful bloggers.
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things about me...

1. I am very stubborn and have a temper.  But I am quick to forgive.

2. I am very protective of my family and friends.

3. When dressing I love colors but get sucked into the black clothes all the time....I feel most comfortable in dark clothes.

4. I have almost white eye lashes and eyebrows and must dye them to look like I have some.

5. Right now I feel as if I am not living life....just floating through it (not in a good way).

6. Daydreaming is how I make it through the days sometimes.

7. I am gonna be 30 in less than 2 months!!!

13 Bloggers who I am giving this award to...

I do want to say one thing.....that list of blogs is in no particular order!!!  Also....this award goes to anyone reading my blog!!!  Not just he 13 listed above :)

Have a great Monday everyone!


Murdock's mama said...

YAY!!! Thanks for thinking of me! You're so awesome! I also get sucked into black [or gray!] all the time! I think it's normal! Happy Monday!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Thanks girl! I'm like you in regards to #1. I have a temper too, but I'm very forgiving!
Have a good Monday.

Pennie said...

Well, I am honored! Our regular bloggy readers are kinda similar, so I'll have to be creative in who I give this to, now...13 is a big number! You have Jen, Maura, Laura and Stacey - four of my regulars (plus you)...hmmm...

I'll post this award later this week...when I need a posting. :)

I'm sorry you feel like you're just floating through life. :( That stinks!

I love to daydream, too! That's a great way to come up with creative writing pieces!

30? You're a young pup! What a great age to be!

Thanks for the award, Helga! Have a great day!

Ali@LastSplash said...

I am such a daydreamer, too! I always have been, since a very young age. Are you a big reader? I always find people who love reading fiction are great daydreamers.

Thanks so much for the's been a while since I received one, too!

Laura said...

Awww thanks girl!! I am the same way about clothes, someday I will venture out into bright colors. :) I have almost while eyebrows and eyelashes except for when I don't get around to plucking in awhile, then it's nice because you can't tell. :)

Sonora said...

Happy Almost Birthday!!! I'm with you on the daydreaming. I have to say, being quick to forgive is a wonderful trait and one that would make the world a much better place if more people had.
Thank you so much for the award! It means so much to me, like you, to know that people read and can relate to at least some of what I say.
Have a great day!

Stacey said...

OMG! You are going to be 30!! Please! 30 is nothing! lol

Thanks for the award!

Pennie said...

Helga, you have to come enter the DVD giveaway on my blog. I will totally send the DVD to Iceland if you win. Honest. I hope you win.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

А! Merci, bon travail! Ce fut le stuff, je devais avoir.

Anonymous said...

gracias amigo! gran post!