Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finger lickin good

Kobe had a pacifier until February of this year and then we took it away from him.  It was one of the hardest things I have had to do...he loved his Dudda as he called it.  He was in no way ready to give it up and then his Dad and I separated two months later and we moved to a different country.  Poor baby was asking for his Dudda for a long time and I didn't give in....Lord knows I wanted to go to the store and buy him a Dudda!!!

Well about a month ago he started doing this....

Do you see how much he is into that thumb??

I felt so bad for Kobe that I wanted to let him keep sucking his thumb....he is having a really hard time with the divorce and being without his Daddy.  I refused to let him suck his thumb though....that is harder to take away than the pacifier is.  He no longer sucks his thumb for comfort, he sticks it in his mouth no and again and I immediately tell him to take it out!!!

Do/did your children suck their thumbs or take a pacifier??

On a side note....

Kobe is completely potty trained!!!  I am so excited, he quit using diapers during the day a few months ago and I was really nervous about taking it away from him during the night so I kept putting one on him.  Well the last week he has been completely diaper free and he has only had one accident and that was when his Mamma didn't put him on the potty before going to bed (I fell asleep before he did).

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