Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Thursday!

I can't believe it is already Thursday!!!  This week is going by so fast!!  This year seems to have gone by way too it just me or does anyone else feel the same???

Being that it is Thursday it is time for Just Thursday with Abby over at Murdock's Mama.  Click here, here or here to play along LOL.

Outside my's really windy outside today but from inside it looks beautiful!

The time is..11:46 AM

Today I feel..a little bit depressed but I am trying to fight it

I am thinking..there is so much I need to do but I feel like I have no time :o(

At the moment, I am thankful..that I got a new mouse for my computer....I have been without my Mac for almost 2 weeks due to Kobe ruining the mouse and I had to go buy a new one yesterday and it cost me $150.....ouch!!!!

I am be working the whole weekend....again!!!

I am house doesn't require getting dressed!

I house would stay clean!!!!

I am reading..blogs!!!

I am working on..getting this house cleaned  up!

I am hoping..I can get the house cleaned up and it stays that way so I don't have to do it again on Monday when I am off!!!

I am hearing..Kobe's cartoons in the background :o)

I bet you didn't's 46 days till Christmas!!!  Only 45 days for me (we celebrate on the 24th).

One of my favorite..and most depressing websites that I go on is facebook....

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] Clean and get this pile of laundry done.
[Friday] Work
[Saturday] Work
[Sunday] Work

My weekends have looked like that the last 5 weeks!!!  I am so over working on the weekends!!!  Next weekend I am off :o)


Murdock's mama said...

We need to become FB friends! you have Twitter? I just signed up! [I know about 348545 months after everyone else!] :)

So excited that you have next weekend do have to work lots of weekends! :(

THanks for linking up...good luck keeping your house clean! :)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Wish my house would stay clean too :-) I agree about the mouse ouch. I love Mac but my husband is a pc man. So we ended up with a Dell.

Pennie said...

Blogger's been a bugger for me today...I've tried to comment twice on your blog! Hope this one takes! ;)

Working all weekend is a bummer - I wish you could just get paid for hanging with your family. In a perfect world...

I cannot believe 46 days until Christmas! I need to order my (Glacier Picture) Christmas cards!!! Yikes!

And, I NEED to clean this house - I've been playing a bit too much with my friends...which is good, but sometimes not (like when you look at my house...). Oops! Better take care of that tomorrow (after my coffee date with my friend Diane...). :)

Have a great weekend, Helga!!!