Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  I hope you enjoy the day with the people you love.

Today I am a little bit depressed.  It's scary to look back to one year ago and see where I was and then look at my life now and see where it has gone.  I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I would be living in Iceland and getting a divorce a year ago!!!  A year ago today I was sitting at my kitchen table in VA with my husband, children and Aunt Sharla enjoying our Turkey dinner and my favorite....Pumpkin Pie for desert!  

I'm sorry that I am kinda blah but this is my blog and this is my life and I am gonna write it like it is!  I have been thinking today about how I have a hard time writing a blog post on days where I am depressed and it is only because I don't want to put my feelings out there and make this blog all blah and depressed....well guess what??  Today I am blah and depressed and I am telling you all about it!!!

Today I wish I could rewind the time and go back to a year ago....I wish I could be sitting at my kitchen table in VA.  As I am writing this I have tears rolling down my cheeks because it hurts to think about all of this :(

Instead of writing anymore and writing something I am going to regret I am going to play along to Abby's Just Thursday.  Click here if you want to play along too.

Outside my's dark.  

The time is..7:04 PM

Today I feel..thankful and depressed rolled into one.

I am thinking..about my boys.

At the moment, I am thankful..for my boys, family, friends

I am be working the whole weekend.

I am wearing..Nike pants and a Chicago Bears t-shirt.

I wish..I could change a few things about my life right now.

I am reading..I am thinking about reading a Danielle has been a long time since I have read her but I think I might just crack open an old book.

I am working this house.

I am hoping..the next 3 days of work go by really fast.

I am hearing..Kobe and Tyrique in the background.

I bet you didn't know..I feel kinda overwhelmed at the moment.

One of my favorite..deserts on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie :)

Have a great Thanksgiving and I'm sorry about my earlier outburst :(


3LittleMonkeys said...

The holidays are always a tough time. Hope you are feeling better soon! At least you have 3 beautiful boys to enjoy!
Mmm.....I love pumpkin pie too, with whipped cream ;)

Sigurborg aka Sig said...

big hugs to you hun. I wish I was in VA too :-(

Anonymous said...

I need to start blogging again and the plan is to do that soon. I will let you know. It is good to share those feelings ,good and bad. Wish you were all here too.

Murdock's mama said...

Hey lady...just stopping by to say I'm thinking of you!