Monday, November 8, 2010

Kobe's injury

Last night Kobe was jumping on the couch having a great ol' time, I was sitting on one end of the couch and he was jumping to me and kissing me and laughing and giggling.  It was right before bed and we were finishing up a Dora episode and then we were heading to bed.  Well my clumsy baby fell off the couch and hit his head on a flower isn't just any flower pot, it is a gigantic flower pot!!!  I grabbed him and turned him to me and that is when I saw the blood!  Oh goodness there was a ton of blood coming from right under his eyebrow.  

I scooped up Kobe and threw a coat on him and headed to my sisters so we could go to the hospital.

We had to wait for a little bit before we were seen and my poor little munchkin was not a happy camper.

Finally we were seen by the preschooler that was pretending to be a doctor that day and he said that Kobe did not need stitches because he could just glue it shut.

Here is what his owie looked like after it was glued shut (the purple stuff is glue).  I must admit that I don't think it looks very shut but the preschooler told me that due to the swelling it looks worse, he said that he should get a scar that is just one little tiny line on his eyebrow.  I sure hope that is the case and not some huge thick scar on his poor face.  I have a scar on my arm that is really wide and it is from a doctor that did not sew my arm correctly and I was worried that would be the case for Kobe.  The doctor promised that would not be the case so let's hope he is right.

Here is my little man after we got home last night with his swollen cheek (he hurt his cheek in the fall too) and his boo boo :o(   I gave him some children's Motrin and then we went to bed.


Murdock's mama said...

Oh no! Don't you just hate when they don't pick up on a mothers intuition?! So glad it was just a little slice! Every kid needs one! :)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Poor little guy. I know it must have scared you. I can't stand it when my kids get hurt. Glad he is ok.

Kerr said...

poor thing! I hope he feels better soon.

Laura said...

Oh no, poor little guy!! I have heard the gluing thing is suppose to work pretty well on smaller cuts like that, so I hope it heals well and quickly! Those scary moments are almost worst for moms aren't they!?

Erin said...

How did he heal up? The glue looks ok, but you never know when the injury is so fresh. :(

I had a scar that looked terrible for many years because it was just stitched and not "fixed."