Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last night I ate dinner at my sisters house and then the boys and I went home.  Kobe and I put our pajamas on and crawled into the was only 7:30 pm.  We talked and cuddled and were sleeping before 8.  I slept like a baby until the older two boys woke me up with their playing around at 2 am.  I ran into their room and told them to go to sleep shocked that those naughty little turds were still awake that late and having a good time.  I went back to bed and fell asleep and was woken up to giggles and laughter again at 3:30 am and this time I got mad.  I went into the boy's room and told them to knock it off and go to sleep NOW!!!  I was up a little after 4 with Kobe (poor thing woke up before my alarm even went off) and hurried up to get ready for work.  I usually leave Kobe at home with Tyrique and Markus until they are up for the day and then my brother in law gets him but today I took Kobe to my brother in laws house with me so he wouldn't be alone with two brothers that had just fallen asleep.  My poor brother in law had to be up at 5 am though and I know that he would have wanted to sleep longer if he could have.

I had my sister call my brother in law at a little after 8 and ask him to go to my house and wake the boys up.  I am not allowing them to sleep the day away and stay up again tonight until the wee hours of the night.  I found out a few hours later though that the boys got to sleep a lot later than that.  I am going to have a talk with the boys after I get home.  I can't have them waking me up at all hours of the night when I have to work the next day.  I know I went to sleep really early and I could have stayed up to make sure they went to sleep but I was toooo tired to stay awake.

I have been thinking and talking to my sister about my blog.  I was so into blogging and was always trying to think of something clever to write about and now I feel like there is nothing to say.  My life is a little bit hectic and blah right now and I am having a hard time thinking of something to write about.  I keep thinking that what I have to write about is boring and why would you guys want to read about it.  I am living here in Iceland and getting a divorce...that's really hard and it sucks big time to start all over.  I don't want to whine about what I miss and hate and blah blah blah but I also don't think you guys care about my day.  I work and I go home and take care of the boys.  For some reason I could always think of something fun to write about when I stayed home all day.  I feel like I have no life now!  I told my sister the other day that I can't wait to get a life! Isn't that funny?!?!?  What kind of life am I wanting to get?  I dunno!!!  I just want to have something exciting to say and something exciting to do.  Now I am starting to ramble and am probably boring you all to death.  I am gonna go for now.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Murdock's mama said...

Ahh..Boy! Aren't they fun?! :) I guess someday we'll look back and miss them being home on Friday nights!

I'm sorry you feel like you have to update your blog & think of new material. Just blog and be you...I just love reading about you and the boys! Let this be your journal...we don't mind. We want to be here to help you through the tough time! It will get better...just keep doing what you do! You're an awesome person!

Pennie said...

Oh, Helga. Your blog should not stress you out. I know how you feel, though. Sometimes I feel that way, too. And, sometimes I don't want to share everything - and I don't. There are no rules. You make the rules for your blog. You don't need to "wow" us. YOu will probably have lulls and your creative juices will ebb and flow. I think that's natural. And, when you're super busy getting your life on track, that's okay.

Personally, whenever you write about your day, you write "I must be boring you to death" or something like that...and you never are. I always think "Now, why does she think that?" Because I wonder what your days are like! That's why I read your blog, Silly! I'm wondering how your life is going!

You might think blogging about what you do at work is super-boring...but we don't know WHAT you do at work. It does interest us because YOU interest us! :) I think your life is more interesting than you think.

And, if you have to wait to be it.

I know what you mean about whining, too. Sometimes I don't post for a while if I'm having a particularly rough time. But, when I do break down and write that I'm having a rough do YOU feel when you read what I write? That I'm whining too much? Think about it.

Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep! Sheesh! That's the worst! I know I've had to start waking the kids up early so they don't stay up till all hours...we all start chores at 7am. :) I don't like it when they stay up till all hours, either...

Have a great weekend, Helga!!!! I really do hope you get a great night's sleep tonight!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Oh Helga, I totally feel the same way. I always think, why do I continue with this blog?? But I've met some really wonderful bloggers (including you) and the support is just amazing.

I feel what I write about is boring too! I think we all feel the same way. Maybe you need to find a hobbie, something that you are interested in. For me, this is exercise. I do an hour a day and it makes me feel great!

Kepp bloggin sista!

Mr Monkey said...

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Thanks, Mr. Monkey