Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Thursday

I had a really cr5appy start to my day today.  I broke a tooth!!!  I have a tooth that needs a crown and being that they are super expensive I have been putting it off and yesterday that tooth decided it was time for me to have it fixed.  The tooth broke and I had to make an emergency dentist appointment.  It took the dentist 2 hours to fix the break and put in a temporary filling till I get the crown.  It cost an arm and a leg to fix it so now I have a temporary fix on my tooth but am missing an arm and a leg!!!  Maybe one day I will be able to afford to get my arm and leg back LOL!!!

On Thursdays Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a great blog hop called Just Thursday that I like to play along with.  She asks the questions and I answer :o)  If you want to play along click right here and let me know so I can read your post.

Outside my window.. all is quiet and peaceful.

The time is.. 10:34 pm
Today I feel.. bummed about my tooth.
I am thinking.. that I am glad I got to spend these last two days with my favorite boys.
At the moment, I am thankful.. that I got my tooth fixed!
I am going.. to be working the whole weekend!
I am wearing.. a long shirt.
I wish.. there were more hours in the day.
I am reading.. nothing.  I don't have time to read!
I am working on.. this blog post :o)
I am hoping..  that Kobe is good going to sleep tonight!
I am hearing.. the boys playing XBOX in their room with Kobe close by.
Around the house.. the house is clean and laundry is being washed.
I bet you didn't know.. I've been letting Kobe sleep in my bed because I love to cuddle with him :o)
One of my favorite.. shows on TV right now is Animal cops on Animal Planet (that's the only channel I watch these days).


Stacey said...

Bummer on the tooth! I know exactly how you feel! How much is a crown in Iceland??

Murdock's mama said...

This is awful about your tooth...I broke one a couple of weeks ago. :(

Thanks so much for playing along [sorry this is late!] Yay for a clean house...we cleaned this place last night!!