Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Madness

I´m calling this blog post Monday Madness because I have a whole lot of stuff to say.  Let me start by telling you all about my creepy Friday.

I woke up on Friday morning at about 10 am and it was so hot in the house that I started by opening all the windows in the house to get some fresh air and to cool the house.  I then took my shower and Kobe and I ate breakfast and headed out to my sisters house.  When I got to my sisters house she was complaining that her body was hurting from all the moving we had done and she told me that she couldn´t find any pain killers in her house.  I told her I would drive to my house real quick and get her some Motrin and off I went. 

When I got in the car and started to drive I noticed that it looked like there was really bad fog all over the city.  The fog was really dark on one side and then it was lighter on the other side.  It looked so spooky and the air was so weird.  It was hotter than it has been since I got here and the air felt thick when breathing it in.  I got back to my sisters house and told her and my Grandmother to come look outside.  We then realized that the creepy fog was ash from the volcano. 

The creepy ash stuck around the whole day and that night when I got back home I realized my whole house was full of ash.  My floors, tables, beds, windows on the inside and outside were covered in black soot.  I was so glad that I had all of our sheets in the dryer, that way we had clean sheets to sleep with.  I closed all the windows as soon as I came home so we would not be breathing in the ash as we slept and started the cleaning process.

Saturday I woke up and again went over to my sisters house.  This time we went to the paint store and bought lots of paint for her new house.  We spent all of Saturday at her house painting the bedrooms (we only have one left).  That night Kobe had a little melt down, poor thing cried for his Daddy for hours and was not even satisfied after talking to him on the phone.  He kept asking me if we could go on an airplane to Daddy's house tomorrow when we wake up.  He wants to go to his Daddy and he wants to go in his Daddy's car. 

Poor baby is not handling his Mamma going back to work as good as I was hoping.  Kobe has been stuck to my hip and is always making sure I am not going anywhere or leaving him.  I hope he gets over this quickly because it is breaking my heart to see him this way.  Yesterday we were at my sisters house yet again and my Mamma, sisters, Grandmother and cousin and her baby were all there and Kobe was stuck to my side the whole time and was really uneasy.  My Mamma had planned on taking him with her home for these two days I am working now and she was going to bring him back to me tomorrow afternoon when I get off work but he would never have made it.  He would have cried his little heart out and she would have had to bring him back to me. 

Next weekend the boys are all going to stay with my Mamma because I am working Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 hours each day.  My brother in law has been a life safer for me and has been watching the boys (Tyrique and Markus can be home alone but they go to his house to check in) but I want to give him a little break and asked my Mamma if she can watch them for me.  Of course Amma (Grandma) was eager to get her boys for the weekend so they will go to her house on Thursday.  The boys can´t wait to go and I am sure Kobe will be okay because his brothers will be with him.

Okay, enough for now.  I am done with my Monday Madness and am going to get back to work.  Have a great Monday everyone!!


3LittleMonkeys said...

Wow, ash all over? That is creepy...and messy!

Hope little Kobe is feeling in better spirits today!

家淑AnjaN_Lav said...
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