Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Thursday early on Friday morning

Outside my window..are taxis and airplanes.

The time is..6:41 am

Today I feel.. really tired.  I didn´t feel good last night and therefor did not sleep very much.
I am thinking..that this is going to be a long weekend.  This is my first weekend that I am working the whole weekend and the boys are at my Mamma´s house.  I feel like I am missing my right arm not having my boys with me.  I know I should be enjoying it but this is the first time Kobe has ever left me besides last year when he went with his Daddy over Easter to Chicago.

At the moment, I am thankful..that I have such a wonderful Mamma who is willing to take my boys for the weekend so I don´t have to worry about them since I have to work.  Thank you Mamma!!!
I am sleep super early tonight!!!
I am wearing..Dark gray dress up pants and a white button up shirt (my work uniform except it is missing my vest...I am waiting for the tailor to call and let me know it is ready).

I wish..I could win the lottery so I could stay home with my kids!!
I am reading.. Eat, Pray, Love....I started reading it last week but I haven´t had a chance to read very much.  I have been going to sleep so early since I started working and when I am not sleeping I am taking care of the boys.
I am working on..losing some weight.

I am hoping..I can stay awake today :o)

I am hearing..people talking all around me.  The hum of the airport!

Around the smells like fried shrimp thanks to my brother in law!!  I hate the smell of fried food in my house and I do not eat sea food and the smell of fried shrimp is gross!!!  I opened all the windows in my house last night and hopefully when I get home tonight there will be no smell!!!

I bet you didn't know..that I love people watching!  I think working at the airport suits me well :o)

One of my favorite..foods is apples!!!  I love sweet yet sour apples.  Jonagolds are my favorites!


Murdock's mama said...

Thank for playing along again! I'm so a people watcher too! :) And I'm super jealous you're reading Eat, Pray, Love...I'm still waiting!!! :/

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