Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Madness

I can't believe it is already Monday.  I had a three day weekend and it went by waaaaay too fast!!!  I feel like I just had one day off and then it was time to go back to work again :o(  The way I work is I work two days and get two days off and then I work every other weekend.  The week that I work on the weekends is a long week because I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then my off week I only work Wednesday and Thursday.  Each shift is a 12 hour shift and I work from 5:30 am till 5:30 pm.  I love my job and I feel really lucky to have gotten the job especially being that we have a recession going on here in Iceland.  I am such a people person and I really enjoy customer service and this job is such a perfect fit for me!

One of the hardest parts of working is not being home with the boys but this is now our new life and even though I know it is hard to get used to we all just need to get used to it.  I try to enjoy the boys as much as I can on my days off and I am going to be better about doing more things with them.  Before I started working I used to go swimming quite a bit and I tried to do stuff with the boys all the time.  Now I feel like my off days go by so fast and we don´t get anything accomplished.

One thing I did get accomplished yesterday is going for a long walk.  My sister and I decided that we wanted to get off of our butts and move it move it!!  We took the kids and headed out for a walk.  We started off by walking to my house and I got Kobe some gloves and a blankie to cover him in the stroller (it is kinda cold here in Iceland....11 degrees Celsius).  When we got to my house the kids decided that they didn't want to go with us anymore.  Markus and my sisters kids stayed behind and jumped on the trampoline and played with the neighbor kids (Tyrique was at his Grandma's house).  We walked by the ocean (next time I need to have my camera) and let Kobe walk on the big rocks by the beach and let my sisters dog run and play by the ocean.  We looked at all the different birds all around....we saw the cutest Mama ducks and their babies swimming in a row behind them.

Kobe fell asleep twice in his stroller and I had to try everything in my power to wake him up (I can't have him staying awake all night long and he would have if he would have taken a nap that late in the afternoon).  We saw lots of people walking their dogs and then the best part came towards the end of the walk....we saw two beautiful horses!!!  Kobe loves horses and can't get enough of them during the drive to Grandma's house and during our walk he got to pet the horses and watch my sister feed the horses some grass.  

I felt so refreshed after the walk and I am going to try to do that more often.  We walked for 2 hours and it felt like we were only out there for maybe 30 minutes.  I can tell you that I slept like a baby last night!!  It did rain all night and I had the windows open so that helped too :o)

Okay well enough of this rambling on and on.  I hope you are all having a great Monday!!

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Pennie said...

That walk sounds lovely! I love going on walks with people...walking and talking passes the time quickly when you're in good company!

I took a walk yesterday with a girlfriend who spent the night...she was passing through while on the way to upper MN to drop her daughter off at Spanish camp. It was so nice to see her! She and I took Angel for a walk and it was just so I know EXACTLY how you felt!

Glad things went well for you this weekend! And, I applaud your intention to make your time off count with the boys. I had a mentor once who used to say "If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time." So, it's so good you have a plan! You're such a good Mommy, Helga! Your boys are blessed!