Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two things I love...around my home.

Two things I love...around my home is a blog carnival that Kassi (Keely's know the one who does the Getting to know YOU blog carnival on Sundays) from Backwoods Fern came up with. I think it is a great way to get us to appreciate the things we have. If you want to play along just click here or on Kassi's button above.

I have been waiting for a chance to play along to this blog carnival but do to packing and moving it was really hard. Well, now I am settled in my new home and I can play along. Yippy!!!

The first thing I love is this leaf candle holder that I bought in Iceland when I went there to visit this summer. It is made out of sculpting clay and painted fun colors. My Mamma, my Sister, BIL and myself were at a store and there was a lady that was selling all kinds of homemade things at a table and this leaf was one of them. I couldn't resist :o)

The second thing that I am loving around my home is this doll that I bought in Bahrain when I went there in 2005. I went to a street market and found her and knew she was coming home with me. The weird thing about this doll is that she turns. Let me explain.....She used to sit on top of my TV cabinet and she faced towards the front of the living room. At the end of the night when I would be getting ready to go to bed and I would go to close the TV cabinet she would be turned to the side. I am convinced that she was not happy with where she was located in that house. Right now I have her sitting at my computer desk with a tiger in front of her and she seems very pleased there.

This is what she looks like up close.


Transparent Mama said...

Very interesting lady. I think she would scare me though. I came by via SITS because I noticed you said you have a bunch of boys. I have four boys too. Yours are adorable.


Kassi said...

crazy story about the doll!
i think that would scare me a bit! but i'm wimpy with that sort of thing. ;-)
thanks for playing along today!

Pennie said...

That doll story is creepy! I would be freaked out!

I love that leaf thing, though - I love leaves and fall colors!

You have been so many interesting places!

Amanda T said...

Hey there! Im a new follower from Friday Follow. I hope to see you around at my blog sometime! :)