Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look who's a teenager now!!!

Thirteen years ago I was pregnant and my due date was February 3rd. February 3rd came and went and no baby came. My belly was HUGE and swollen and I was getting really anxious to meet this little man that had been growing in there. A week after my due date I went to the doctors to find out if I was any closer to meeting my baby. I found out that I was not dilated at all and the doctor told me that if I had not delivered the baby by the 16th of February then I was supposed to come to the Labor and Delivery to be induced the following 42nd week.

Needless to say February 16th came and there was no baby yet so I went to L&D at 8pm. I had been having contractions the whole weekend but not enough to go to the hospital. When I arrived at L&D I met my midwife that would be delivering the baby. This same midwife delivered some of my cousins :o) The midwife showed me the L&D area and told me some information and then at about 10 pm she gave me something to help me relax and sleep and sent my Mamma home and told her to be back in the morning. The induction was scheduled for 7 AM on February 17th 1997.

I fell asleep almost immediately after Mamma left but I kept waking up to minor contractions and then I started timing them because they kept on coming. At 11:30 pm I called my Mamma and told her to come back to L&D because my contractions were 3 minutes apart. My sister and Aunt Alma came with my Mamma to help coach. After they arrived I was checked and I found out I was 3 cm dilated. I went and walked up and down the stairs until 2 am and then the midwife checked me again. I was 5 cm dilated and everything was coming along great so the midwife broke my water. I was really excited about the delivery and told the midwife that I would like to continue walking around after my water had been broken. That's before I had my first contraction after the water broke!

My contractions started coming on so much stronger than they did before my water broke and I was having back labor. The baby started pressing against some nerve in my groin that was causing me a lot of pain in my left leg. As I laid on my side my sister pressed against my back as hard as she could to keep my from being in pain and my Aunt and Mamma held a heating pad on my leg to try to make me feel better and a cold wash cloth on my face. At 4 am I found out I was 10 cm dilated and could start pushing!

I was really excited and started pushing right away. I pushed for over two hours and nothing was happening. I was pushing wrong at first and managed to pop some blood vessels in my face and in my eyes (you can imagine how scary I looked after having him LOL). After 6 o'clock the midwife checked my contractions and realized that I had not been having any contractions so she started me on pitocin. The pitocin did it's job and got the contractions started right away and I continued to push. Finally the doctor came in the room and he could see that this baby was not coming out. He cut me sideways instead of doing an episiodomy and then he laid over my stomach and helped me push the baby out.

At 6:51 am on February 17, 1997 my beautiful son Tyrique was born in Keflavik, Iceland. He weighed in at 10 lbs 15 oz and was 22 inches long. He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen in my whole life. He had huge hands and wide open eyes. He began his life by pooping all over his Amma (Grandma) and screamed bloody murder until he ate his first meal. Tyrique was so chunky that his arms looked like he had huge muscles :)

Tyrique was the perfect first baby, he slept through the night starting at 6 weeks old. He nursed like a champ from day one and I nursed him until he was 9 and a half months old. He refused to take a bottle so I had to always have him with me but I didn't mind because I always wanted to have him by my side :o) He was always a happy, smiling baby. He was a Mamma's boy and always will be :o)

Happy Birthday to my now teenage son Tyrique! I hope your day is wonderful and you get everything your heart desires. I love you baby boy!

This is out of his baby book, if you click on the image it gets bigger. Sorry I covered some information up that I didn't want the whole world to see.

Here is my big boy years later!!!


Stacey said...

10Lbs!!! Wow! And I thought my 8pounders were huge!
Hope he has a great birthday!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

When you said you made it to 42 weeks along and no baby, I was thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder if they had her due date wrong?" Then I read you had to push out a 10-pounder... you're my hero! I've never heard of a doctor helping a woman deliver like that!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Pennie said...

Now THAT'S a big boy! Wowza! I thought Aaron was big at 9 1/2 pounds. YOu win! :)lol...42 weeks to be growing makes for one big boy!

I'm going to be having a 13 year old in another month! :) Time flies, hey? I love that picture of him in the jeans and white shirt - very nice looking young man (he doesn't look like a kid anymore!).

Happy Birthday, Tyrique!

Laura said...

No pregnant women should have to go over 40 weeks. Just sayin. :) And almost 11 pounds, WOW! You have one handsome boy there...Happy Birthday!!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Wow, I thought my 9 pounders were big! What a wonderful story. And what a handsome boy! Happy Birthday to him.

Brianne said...

10 pounds!! You pushed out a 10 pound baby!! Go you! My second was born almost a week late and I thought that was rough.

Your post brought me to tears. My oldest is only 5 and I can not imagine them being any bigger.

Glad you were able to deliver without a c-section though!!