Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving to Illinois part 2

I have been wanting to finish the story of our move her but life has been kinda hectic since we moved so I haven't had the time to write it. Today I am making the time. You can go back and read part one by clicking here.

Monday February 1st we wake up in our new home and Dewayne is knocked out sleeping still and when I tried waking him up he said he was not feeling good and kept sleeping. I didn't think much of it, got out of bed and got the boys something to eat. A few hours after I woke up I went to check on Dewayne, you see Dewayne is always awake well before me so it was really unusual for him to be in bed still. I realize that he has a fever and give him some tylenol. We had to go put the utilities in our name so we had to leave the house to do that and poor Dewayne was not doing too good.

We get all the running around done and go back home, Dewayne got back in the bed and slept the rest of the day away. I took the boys to Walmart to get some meds for Dewayne and buy a new thermometer because ours died when I was trying to take Dewayne's temperature. I was really proud of myself for finding Walmart and finding my way back home....Thank you GPS, I don't know what I would have done without you :o)

Tuesday morning we get up and Dewayne is still sick. We had to try to get the boys enrolled in school so again, Dewayne had to get up and out of the bed. We went to the first school, the one Markus was supposed to go to and they were NASTY to us. I say nasty because they gave us an attitude about everything and made life very difficult for us. We had to have our lease, a state ID with our new address on it, Markus's birth certificate, two utility bills, two personal pieces of mail and something proving that Dewayne is Markus's step Dad!?!?!?!?

I walked out of that school crying and angry. We went to the DMV and got new Illinois drivers licenses...I of course did not have one prior to that because I have never lived in this state before. Dewayne just had his Grandmothers address on his. Do you know that the DMV made me take the written test all over again? No worries though, I passed with flying colors :o)

After we got the new drivers licenses we called the utility companies and asked if they could fax something over and they rudely said NO! I had paper work from the water company that the school was willing to accept but other than that I had no other bill. I had ordered some books online that got here a few days before us so I had personal mail to show the school. Instead of going back to Markus's school we decided to go enroll Tyrique in school first and then go back to Markus's school.

I got into Tyrique's school and showed them all of our paper work, ID's, gave them my blood type and offered a kidney and don't you know the lady was so nice to me and told us not to worry it is not that difficult. We got Tyrique enrolled in school and then asked his school about Markus's school. The ladies at the desk told us that the school we had gone to was the wrong school anyway and the school Markus was supposed to go to was a great school. Needless to say we were super excited about that. By the time we finished enrolling Tyrique in school it was too late to go to Markus's school so we decided that we would do that first thing the next morning.

That night we went to sleep early, about 9 o'clock. We woke up to a phone call at close to 2 AM. Jalen's Mom (Jalen is Dewayne's son and we had not seen him since we got to Illinois but we were supposed to get him on the Friday) was calling Dewayne's cell phone, I told him to answer the phone just in case something happened but by the time he woke up enough to get the phone it had gone to voicemail.

Dewayne called his voicemail only to find out that Jalen's Grandmother had been murdered that night and Jalen's mother was calling Dewayne to ask him to get Jalen for her. Dewayne called back and was told that Jalen's Grandmother had picked up Jalen from school on the Tuesday and dropped him off at home at about 6 pm. On her way back to her house, Grandma and her boyfriend were stopped somewhere when a car pulled up and started shooting. Jalen's Grandmother was shot 11 times and her boyfriend was shot once. They both died that night.

I cried when he told me what happened, all I could think about was if this had happened 30 minutes earlier....Jalen would have been in the car!!!! We could have lost Jalen that night!! Jalen lost his Grandmother at 5 years old!!! Will he ever really remember her?? I felt so bad for Jalen's mother, she is so young and now she has no Mom!

Wednesday morning Dewayne went to get Jalen so Jalen's Mother could start planning her own Mothers funeral. Jalen didn't know what happened and he was just excited about getting to come visit us and see his brothers. He had grown so much since last summer and he knows how to count to 100 and spell several different words.

Wednesday morning Kobe also woke up with a fever. It went up to 104.6 that day and I was able to bring it back down using Tylenol and Motrin. Poor Kobe was really miserable that day. I let him sleep with me that night because of how high his fever had gone on the Wednesday. On Thursday morning at about 6:30 am I woke up and checked Kobe's temperature, it was 103.6 and I gave him some Tylenol. The fever went down and Kobe and I went back to sleep.

I woke up at 10 o'clock to Kobe burning up with a fever, I checked his fever and it was at 105.1. Dewayne and I rushed him to the ER and there they gave him Tylenol and Motrin to try to bring the fever down. His fever came down, it sat at 102 for awhile but finally he was fever free. Kobe got 2 bags of IV in him and they took chest X-Rays to find out if there was something there but the X-Rays came out fine and the blood cultures came back with elevated white blood cells. The Doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him and after about 7.5 hours we were sent home with an antibiotic.

Kobe didn't get a fever again after that and by Friday everyone in the house was healthy again. On Saturday Dewayne and I were asked to tell Jalen about his Grandmothers passing and he took it amazingly well. He called his Mom and told her he was okay and that he wasn't sad and told her to not be sad either. Jalen's Grandmothers funeral was held on Tuesday February 9th.

Tyrique started school on the Friday and then Markus was able to start school on the following Tuesday. My Mamma came on the 8th of February and I think you are all pretty much caught up from there. I am going to post some pictures of my new home later on today. I just wanted to get the rest of this on here, I have been meaning to write this for a long time now.

I just realized that I should have put a link to the shooting on here so you can read for yourself if you choose to.


somer said...

Wow, my prayers are with you girl. I hope things are setteling in now! Welcome to Illinois and I'm glad that the people at the 2nd school were nice.

Murdock's mama said...

Wow! To say you had a lot going on is a complete understatement! Hang in there!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Crazy! I hope things are settling down for you now! Sorry to hear you had to endure all of that.

Pennie said...

Wow! I am still amazed that you managed to do ANYTHING on your blog! I have some stuff going on right now...I may or may not get to my blog for the next few days. :) But, I'll check in on you! :) Keep us posted!

You have one INTERESTING life, girl!

Laura said...

Wow, talk about a crazy few days...sorry you had all that going on!! Hope everyone is still healthy and doing well! {hugs}

Carolina Girl said...

Wow. It is tough enough moving to a new area but having to go through all that is just awfully. Hope things are gettingome normalcy around your house.