Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meet the new neighbor

Last weekend I was in the kitchen and happened to look out the window just in time to meet my new neighbor, Mr. Raccoon. He was in front of my garage and seems to really like the area. Since last weekend I have seen his tracks all over the place. He is such a little cutie pie but I must say, I am so glad the garbage cans are in the garage!!! Every time we let Maya outside she starts by smelling the air and then she runs off to smell the ground. I hope Maya and Mr. Raccoon never meet :-O

This picture is blurry but I wanted to throw it in there too :o)
Today I have a ton of people coming over to the house. Dewayne's Mom and brother are coming and they are going to stay the night here and then there is going to be a family reunion with the cousins and their spouses. My house is going to be stuffed full of people and I am getting kinda nervous, I just found out about this today!!!! It is 11 am and I haven't done anything today other than lay in bed and watch TV. Dewayne is now in the city getting his Mom, Brother and Jalen and he should be here in the next few hours. I have got to get off this computer and do something!! What do you have planned for the day??


Pennie said...

Oh - company! I love having company over (once all the housework and planning is done, that is...)! I hope you enjoy yourself!

Today I took Bridgette to her first women's conference. She knows all my friends, anyhow. :) Then, we went shopping at my FAVORITE store - Herbergers (same as YOunkers/Boston Store/Carson Pierie Scott, etc.) Community Days Sale - Oh, did we get the deals!!! Best sale day of the year - always! Loving that!

Hope your day goes well, Helga!

Erin said...

I'm passing on the sunshine award to you! It's over on my blog. Have a great sunday

Jessica said...

I had to finish a school report. SOOO glad that's over with!
Hopefully that raccoon will behave itself. :)

Krajcimama said...

Raccoons don't bug me as much as possums. I HATE possums. We had one hanging around the house 2 years ago and I was scared to go outside after dark! hehehe

I have a birthday party to go to today for my nephew. :) I'm excited to be getting out of the house for a little bit!

Hope things go well - it's fun to have company but the getting ready for and cleaning up after can be exhausting!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

An afternoon to yourself??? I hope you enjoyed it!

Raccoons-- and other creatures of the night-- terrify me. I just envision them biting me!

Confessions From A Working Mom