Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wanna see what we have been doing lately??

Here is the last few days in pictures!!!

Aunt Sharla is the best Aunt ever...she always sends a box for holidays and the boys LOVE it!!!  They were jumping for joy when they saw the box had come so I decided to take pictures for the blog!

I put all the candy up on top of the fridge (yes, Sharla I moved it as soon as I got your e-mail) and Kobe went crazy for it.  He pulled up a chair and tried to reach for the candy....as you can see, he is a little bit too short still.

<-----Here is Jalen on Easter Sunday in his Easter suit.

---------> Here is Tyrique in his Easter suit...he didn't want his picture taken

<-----Here is Markus handsome as ever in his Easter clothes.

Kobe saying cheese in Church on Easter    Sunday---->

Here is the start of the pile of things I need to send to Iceland.

Adding on the Longaberger baskets.

Here is the first box filled with all my wonderful baskets and Kobe's hedgehogs.

I went to Walmart yesterday and did a little bit of damage!!!  After packing up half of the pile, I added twice as much to the pile....dang it!!!!

Kobe was playing with my mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons yesterday.  Isn't this the cutest thing ever :o)

I bought these awesome bags so I could take my pillows and comforter with me to Iceland and I think these things are just he coolest!!!

This is what it looked like filled with all the stuff!

This is what it looked like with no air left in the bag!!!  Pretty cool huh?


3LittleMonkeys said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Walmart gets me everytime, I always spend too much money there!

Pennie said...

Your boys look so handsome in their Easter suits! Good luck keeping them away from the candy, though!

Those space saver bags are pretty slick, huh? My mom uses them to save space in her linen closets - she puts her extra comforters in them and sucks out the extra air. She's a genius! Her down comforters are the size of dinner plates! :)

And, yes - everything at Wal-Mart is cheaper, but you end up buying EVERYTHING - and it adds up, doesn't it???