Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garage Sale

So, yesterday at 9 am I was trying to rush and finish up the last minute preperations for my Garage sale to start when two people came over.  One woman was coming to purchase my kitchen table and chair set that we had agreed on from craigslist.  In the first 5 minutes of starting my garage sale I made $180 off of two people.  I was really excited and felt really good about the day.  

Over the next few hours people came and went and purchased a ton of stuff.  I sold a bunch of things and by the end of the day I made $460 from selling my stuff.  That did not include the beds or any other big ticket item except the kitchen table and chairs.

I sold Kobe's crib later that night and I have the bunk beds sold (I sold them to Dewayne's cousin who is going to get them next week).  Now I just need to sell a few more big items and then the rest of my stuff from the garage sale.

Now last night I was so tired and had sunburn in my face (crazy huh?) and I wanted to go to sleep early.  Instead of going to bed early I was up talking to my sister and then in bloggy world making new friends and before I knew it it was midnight and I was still up.  I hurried to bed and fell asleep within 30 minutes.

At 4 am I was up again and did not fall asleep again until 7 am.  I was up about 30-45 minutes later tired as all heck and dragging my butt.  I got outside and set up for the garage sale and was really excited thinking that because it is Saturday I would probably have more traffic here today.....that was SO not the case!!!

The garage sale started at 9 am and it is now 1:16 pm and I have had two people come.  One lady at 9 am who bought one thing for $1 and then a guy came by about 1.5 hours ago and he didn't buy anything.  I am feeling so defeated right now.  I am tired, irritated and don't want to sit outside doing nothing while no one comes to buy my stuff!!!  

Ladies, I need you to send me some good vibes!  I need to sell the rest of this stuff so I can use the money to start all over in Iceland.  I was told yesterday that my prices are too low but I want to keep the stuff sellable rather than not be able to sell anything.  I just need the customers!!!  Okay, I am going to go check outside...wish me luck!!

Have a great Saturday! 


Dagbok Huldar said...

Eg sendi goda strauma. :)

Erin said...

Bummer! I'd be there in a heart beat if I lived closer. I hope you get the rest of it sold quick. Can you take it to an ebay store or some place like that? They sell it for you and keep a small commission I think. I hope it picked up.

Darcy said...

stopped by from FF! Have a great weekend.

tsue said...

Sounds like the weather may have been conspiring against you today, if it was sunny and gorgeous in your neck of the woods, like it was for me! Good day on Friday, though! My one and only garage sale, prior to move, we made just over $500 in three days!

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Murdock's mama said...

Aww sorry yesterday was a bust...I had a garage sale last spring and it was TERRIBLE [like less than $50!] I love to go to garage sales but won't be hosting any more. Weather does have a lot to do with it. Hang in there hun!

Murdock's mama said...
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Pennie said...

Blogging to you on Sunday - sorry to hear about your Sat. - on my previous garage sales Thurs and Fri are always better sale days. Always. Don't know why. Your total sales seem awesome, though!