Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Thursday in America

I am so irritated that my favorite Thursday night TV shows are reruns this week :o(  I was really looking forward to watching my favorite shows.  I sure hope I can watch them online in Iceland.  My sister told me that I can not watch in Iceland, it's blocked.  Also she said that,, etc are all blocked too.  There has to be another way to watch my shows on the internet.

Today I have been packing and calling the airline company to make sure I can take everything with me.  I didn't get very many answers from them :o(  I am trying to find out how I can ship bikes for the boys.  The airline told me I have to put them in boxes or in a bag???  I don't know how you put bikes in a bag?  I asked if I can put a bag over the bikes and the lady acted as if I had asked her if I could carry them on the plane with me.  I guess I will find out when I get to the airport?

I bought shoes for the boys today and bought myself a pair of tennis shoes.  They are super cute and I love 'em!!!  They are hot pink and black :o)  I love pink!!  I will try to take a picture and show them to you so you too can see how cute they are. 

I am trying to get all the last minute things done now because Dewayne will be gone this weekend and he is going to have the car so I am stuck in the house with no car :o(  I need to go to the boys' schools tomorrow morning to get their transcripts and then I need to get Markus and Kobe's hair cut tomorrow.  Tyrique wont cut his hair...he's growing it out :o) 

Okay, I am going to stop for now so I can write my Friday Follow post :o)

Have a great night!!

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Crazy Mom of Four said...

Ok hulu not working in Iceland is unacceptable! I hope you find somewhere to watch your shows. When we can't watch something on hulu we try or Hope that helps. My husband said a pop up blocker is recommended for surfthechannel. Not sure if they will work in Iceland though.