Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday

Finally after a long break it is time for Toot your Horn Tuesday again :o) After reading about my toots click the button above and read A Silly Little Sparrows Toots and everyone else's.

I don't have very much to Toot about this week because I am having a crappy week so far but I am sure I will think of something. I have made my bed every day (ok except twice when I stayed in it most of the day) since I came back from Iceland almost a month ago and it feels great! I have kept up with my laundry and I am loving that. I have no more than a load or so every two days and it is so nice not to have that HUGE pile twice a week like I used to do it before. I am trying to stay completely on top of some things in the house such as, making beds every day and making sure the boys keep their rooms clean and so far it is going pretty good.

I think that is all for now with the Toots. I will have something better to toot about next week. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone :o)

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Mommusidanmin said...

Getting out of bed and making it is a good thing. I am there with you girl, having a difficult time myself these days.
Take care,