Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me has been awhile!!!

Have you done all kinds of crazy things and are too embarrassed to tell about it??? Don't be, we have all been there. That is why MckMama created Not me! Mondays, so we can all tell the world what we did not do. So after reading about my adventures click on the button above to go directly to MckMamas blog and read her and everyone else's Not me! Monday.

I did not use MckMamas old Not me! Monday button because I was too lazy to figure out how to get the new button. Nope not me, I would have taken the time to get the button first before ever starting my post.

I am not wearing the same clothes since Saturday because I decided to clean today and didn't feel like putting clean clothes on just to get the dirty again. Nope not me!

I did not stay up till 4 am watching the last of season 3 of Dexter instead of going to bed early and watching the rest of the season today. Nope not me!! I put my sleep first above my need to watch TV. I have also not watched 3 whole seasons of Dexter in the last week and completely ignored the rest of my life in the process. Nope not me!!!

I did not go out to a club with a friend on Saturday night and dance my a** off. Nope not me!! I am a married mother of four and would never go out clubbing. Oh the shame, nope not me!!!

I did not spend the last month going to interviews, applying to multiple jobs and wracking my brains trying to write my resume only to get hired and decide that I want to stay home and continue doing daycare instead. Nope definitely not me!!! I would never do that.

I did not call around looking for daycare's for my son only to be scared to death of other daycare providers and their lack of common sense. Nope not me!!!

I did not do a Not me! Monday post for the first time in months! Nope not me!!!

Ok well that is it for this edition of Not me! Monday. Again click on the button above to visit MckMama and read her Not me! Monday and then you can go read everyone else's too. Have a great Monday and see you tomorrow for Toot your Horn Tuesday :o)

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