Monday, September 28, 2009

Not me! Monday

Did something really embarrassing happen to you this week and you don't want to tell anyone about it?? Well here is your chance to tell it all in Not me! Monday. It is a fun way to get all your stuff off your chest without actually telling on yourself. After reading my blog head over to MckMamas blog and read her Not me! Monday and do your own this week. This is so much fun and you are missing out!!

Let me start off by telling you how my sons school principle did NOT make me so mad last week that I did NOT go to the school pick up my son and dis-enroll him out of school. I did NOT then call the school board back for the third time that day and I did NOT tell the secretary in charge to call the principles boss and tell him he needed to speak with me NOW because it was an emergency!!! I did NOT finally get in touch with the guy the next day and tear him a new one because of HIS principle and her rude nasty behavior. I was NOT promised the world by the guy and asked to please bring my son back to above mentioned school.

This morning I did NOT do the walk of shame with my tail between my legs because I had to re-enroll my son in the school. I did NOT hope to see the principle so I could smirk at her for messing with the wrong Mom.

This weekend I did NOT clean out and empty my sisters storage that she has had here for a year and a half. This was NOT a storage stuffed with all kinds of crap that needed to be gone through and half the stuff thrown out and the other half re-boxed so it can be sent to Iceland. I did NOT spend hours on Saturday cleaning out the storage preparing it to be emptied out. I did NOT go to the storage on Sunday with the 3 boys and two female neighbors and empty the storage in two trips (we had a trailer on the back of my truck). I did NOT have a house full of boxes and other things I didn't know what to do with and I did NOT get it all cleaned out before going to bed last night. Toot toot for tomorrow :o)

Ok that is it for this weeks edition, join me, MckMama and all the rest of the Not me! Mondayers and do your own Not me! Monday. Have a great Monday!!!!

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