Monday, September 29, 2008


It is Monday seems like it is always Monday!!!  I had a really good weekend, it was probably the best weekend I have had in a long time!  On Friday Tyrique and Markus stayed the night at friends house and our friend Sigrún watched Kobe for Dewayne and I so we could go out on a date.  That was so wonderful!!!!  Dewayne and I went to Chedders to eat, not the best place that we have been to but it wasn't bad either.  We sat and talked and just enjoyed being alone with no kids for the first time since......hum I can't remember when.  

Kobe did great with Sigrún and her husband Eyjó.  He was just spoiled rotten and loved it!  When we went to pick him up he didn't even care that we were there, he just kept playing and clapping his hands.   We stayed at their house for about an hour talking and then we went home and collapsed in bed....not used to staying up so  

On Saturday morning we went to a football game for Tyrique.  This was their third game and so far they have won all of their games!!!!  This game they won 24-12!  Tyrique is loving playing football, he gets so much playing time too.  Every time I look out there he is back on the field.  They have games every Saturday for the next month or so and then if they keep doing this good then they will have play offs sometime in November.

Dewayne's birthday was on Saturday....Happy Birthday baby cakes!!!  He turned a whole 26 years he is getting old :0)  We celebrated his birthday by having a BBQ at the house.  We invited Sigrún and Eyjó and their kids, our friends Dwayne and Suzie and their kids and JD and Christy and their kids.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had some potato salad and chips.  The food was so good and we were starving by the time we finally ate.  Dewayne is so damn good on that grill now that my mouth waters just thinking of his grilled food (he can make pork chops to die for).  

The guests stayed until about 1 am chit chatting and having a good time.  By the time everyone went home everybody was falling asleep.  We all had a wonderful time and hope to do it again soon.  

On Sunday Dewayne had to go to work for a few hours so it was just me and the boys here in the afternoon.  I went for an 8 mile bike ride and then worked out and did my crunches.  Then Suzie came to visit and we sat here and chit chatted till Dewayne came home from work.  Yesterday was just a nice lazy Sunday and we had a really good end of the weekend.  

I have to say one thing that I was so excited about yesterday though!  After my 8 mile bike ride yesterday I reached my half way point.  I have now ridden 52 miles out of the 100 miles I need to bike by Oct 31st.  I want to work out 5 days this week and if I get to ride my bike every day then I will do 40 miles just this week.  It all depends on the weather though.  Hopefully it will be nice this week.  I am so proud of myself for doing so well with my riding.  Hopefully I can keep this all up and loose this weight.

Ok well enough for now.  Have a great Monday everyone!!!


Pink said...

Þú ert svo dugleg að hjóla og hreifa þig ástin mín. Ég var að hugsa um það í síðustu viku að ég er ekki búin að sjá ykkur í 10 mánuði hummmmm.. allt of langur tími. Segðu til hamingju með afmælið við Dwayne.
Love mamma

Sigurborg said...

heyrðu skvís.. vissi ekki að þú bloggaðir!!!!!! En já ég er búin að breyta mínu bloggi.. er núna í staðin fyrir