Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today the boys and I went to the airshow at NAS Oceana.  We were going to go yesterday but the traffic was so bad that we decided against it.  I was supposed to be watching Kaden yesterday and I didn't want to get stuck in traffic and then get to the base and only get to stay about an hour and then have to leave to watch Kaden.  The boys were not really excited to go anyway and when Dewayne came home from work he turned the TV on to the channel that was showing the airshow.  Markus was so amazed and wanted to go now.  

So we left the house about 11:30 this morning and Dewayne told me he was going to meet me at the gate so I could get better parking and when  we get by the base he is on the side of the road waiting for us.  He was riding an ATV or four wheeler whatever you wanna call it that was a POLICE vehicle and had blinking lights on it.  He pulled out in front of us and we had a POLICE escort all the way on base through all the traffic and we got to park in the POLICE parking lot!!!  That was so damn awesome cause the traffic was horrible and the parking was worse.  Some people had to park all the way off base and walk through the base to get the airshow.  The boys were so impressed that they kept talking about wanting to be just like Dewayne when they grow up :0)  That was so cute.  So we park the car and say good bye to dad and off we go to the airshow.

The airshow was really awesome, the stunts that the pilots did were scary but very cool.  They had one race that was really awesome and that was where they had put an engine on a 18 wheeler truck that goes on a jet and they also had the rocket fire things on the back of the truck.  They had the truck race an airplane and the truck won.  It was probably the coolest thing at the show today.  The truck had fire coming out of the smoke holes on top and then it had fire coming out of the back just like a jet does.  It made the same noise as a jet taking off and it was fast as hell!!!  They also had all kinds of food at the show and the boys had pizza and we all had some lemonade.  We walked around for about 3 and a half hours looking at all kinds of planes and jets and the boys got to go in a FED EX plane and they also got to sit in the cock pit of a little 4 seater plane.  They walked away from this experience happy as could be and can't stop talking about how much fun the airshow was.  Markus even asked if they are going to have an airshow at the next place that we move to because he definitely wants to go to another airshow again!!!  The boys are so damn cute.  

Kobe liked the airshow too, he had some ear plugs in so the jets noise did not bother his ears too much and then he finally fell asleep for the last hour we were there.  The boys felt so bad for him because he could not go into the planes and he could not understand why we kept pointing at the sky.  Every time we pointed to a jet or a plane in the sky Kobe would raise his hands above his head and show us that he is "So Big"

Ok well enough for now I have to get Kobe to bed and get the boys ready for another week of school. 

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Flott síða hjá þér. Ég verð á skipe á morgun, hlakka til að sjá þig. Love u mamma