Monday, September 15, 2008

Markus is so cute

On Friday last week Markus was watching TV and on TV was the show House (doctor show).  Well the show was about a kidney transplant and Markus was so into the show.  Half way through the show Markus comes into the kitchen where I was making dinner and asked me "Mamma where did my kidney go when they took it out of me?"  and I was kind of like what???  I had not been paying attention to the TV so I had no idea where that came from.  And he said "yeah Mamma remember when I had surgery when I was little and they took my kidneys out?  Well who did they give it to???"  Then I realized what was going on and explained to him that when his Kirtlar (tonsils..that's how you say it in Icelandic) were taken out that they did not transplant those into someone else because they were bad and could not be used for anyone else.  Then I went on to explain to him about where the kidneys are located and what purpose they serve and why people need kidney transplants.  I thought this was just so damn cute that I had to share it.

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