Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of school

   Yesterday was the first day of school for Tyrique and Markus.  Tyrique is now in the 6th grade which is middle school and Markus is in 3rd grade.  I can not believe my babies are getting so big, before we know it they will be in High school and then college.  Both of the boys loved their schools and all their teachers.  Tyrique now has the school schedule where he has a different teacher for each class and Markus has one teacher for his classroom and then he has a special ed teacher that he goes to.  Markus goes to special ed because of his dyslexia and last year he spent atleast half the day in the special ed class room but this year he is only going for extra help maybe one time a day or so.  He is doing so well in school now that he doesn't need as much help as he did.  Tyrique is getting more help in school and I am very happy about that, he now goes to an ESL (English Second Language).  I fought for this the whole time  he was in elementary school but they always said he did not qualify but now that he is in a new school....tada he qualifies!!!  I have the boys reading each night before they go to bed to help strengthen their reading skills.  I finally found some books that they are into and they love to read before going to bed now.  Last night Markus even asked if he could stay up a few more minutes to finish his chapter he was on :0)

   Kobe has another ear infection I think.  He has been pulling at his ear and for the past two nights he has been waking up at night and not wanting to go back to sleep.  I mentioned in an earlier blog about where Kobe was not wanting to go to sleep at night and I could not figure out why, well it turned out that he had an ear infection.  He is now doing the same thing, I put him to sleep and within an hour he wakes up crying and I try everything in my power to put him back to sleep and finally end up with him down stairs.  He goes to sleep eventually and wants to sleep the day away after that.  I am trying to get Kobe an appointment to see the Dr today so he will feel better.  Also Kobe has an appointment on Thursday September 25th to see the ENT about getting tubes in his ears.  Poor baby he has had so many ear infections in such a short time.  By the way have I mentioned that my baby is going to be 1 on Saturday.....OMG I can not believe that he is growing up so fast!!!  

   Ok well Dewayne and I are doing good, he is just playing football like always.  He only has 3 games left so the season is almost over...Thank goodness cause I am tired of not having my husband home.  I am doing good just working on a new challenge, to bike 100 miles by Halloween.  So far I am 6 miles into my 100, I just started on Sunday and I have gone out to ride twice.  I am riding 3 miles at a time now and hopefully I can get myself up to about 4 before long.  

   Well that is enough for now.  Have a great Wednesday everyone :0)

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