Sunday, October 26, 2008


It is Sunday night about 7 pm and I just finished eating a very yummy meal.  Chicken casserole...I think this is the whole families favorite meal.  Even Markus goes crazy over this meal and he is the only child that is kinda picky.  

Tyrique had a football game yesterday and they won of course!!!  They are undefeated, they are now 6-0.  They have two or three more games until the playoffs and they are the only team that is undefeated.  I am so proud of my big boy.  He does such a good job, he is second string kicker, second string punt, right tackle, and guard.  What that means for those of you that don't know anything about football (like I used to be) is that Tyrique is their back up kicker if the first guy doesn't do well or if he is not there and then the right tackle and guard means that he blocks the other team.  He does such a good job and the coaches were talking about it at their Tuesday game last week.  He gets starts on his helmet when he does a good job and the back of his helmet is filling up fast.

Markus is doing really well, he loves going to his brothers practices and games because he has found a friend to play with.  The friends name is Matthew and he used to be in Markus's class up until last week.  Well Matthews brother plays on Tyriques team so Markus and Matthew play together when the older brothers play football.  They have stayed the night together two times now and just love it.  They both are similar characters, for instance they both love Batman, PlayStation, and their Nintendo DS (hand held game).  They can sit next to each other for hours and play their Nintendo DS's and not say a word but if one of them gets up the other is quick to ask where he is going.  Too cute.

Kobe is doing good too.  He is getting so big and he thinks he can do anything his big brothers can do.  He is walking all over the house and getting into everything.  He pulls everything off my computer desk and throws it on the floor and laughs when I say "KOBE NO!!!  What are you doing???"  He just thinks he is the funniest guy ever.  He got his first hair cut a few weeks ago and he looks so cute.  I took pics and I will put them on here later.  He is going to the ENT on Thursday about putting tubes in his ears.  Please keep your fingers crossed that the doctor agrees to do it.  He told Dewayne no so I talked to the doctor on the phone and he asked me to come in and see him.  Kobes medical records were never documented correctly showing that Kobe has had chronic ear infections.  When I talked to the doctor on the phone he said that he wants to talk to me and see where we go from there.  

Ok well that is enough for now.  Hope you are all doing good.  Have a great week.

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Til hamingju med duglega krakka stolta mamma. :)