Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

Today Hurricane Hanna is coming up the coast line heading straight towards Virginia.  By the time it gets here though it is supposed to be a tropical storm so it will be so much less than what we first thought it would be.  Dewayne is Navy Security so he was restricted to the base and he is not allowed to leave until everything is over because he will be on call.  He is sitting in some barracks room (that we had to pay for and we live 5 min from the base) playing X-BOX 360 and relaxing on his mini vacation while I am sitting here with the kids.  I know that this is all part of being in the military but damn it sucks to be here all alone.  I was really scared of the storm but now I am just worried that it will flood here.  I am also kinda worried that we will loose electricity.  We took everything out of the back yard except the trampoline which is secured to the fence and we put the garbage can underneath the trampoline.  The grill is still outside because I don't really know what to do with it (I have no where to put it).  If the weather gets really bad then I will take the grill inside the house, I am just kind of afraid of the propane tank on there.  The boys and I are just going to have a relaxing night at home and maybe I will try to scrapbook since I am here all alone.  I will let you all know how everything goes as soon as I can.  Have a great weekend everyone and be safe.

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