Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Results

     I went to the Drs and she said that she does not think it is breast cancer.  She wants to send me to have an ultrasound just to be on the safe side though.  The Dr told me that she thinks I have Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast.  What that means is basically I have soft to firm movable lumps in my breasts and they can cause the breasts to be tender or painful.  So if it is that and not breast cancer then I am one happy camper.  I am still very scared though and can't seem to shake that feeling, I know I will be just fine though and soon I will have that ultrasound and then I will be just fine.  

     I also took Tyrique to the Drs today, he saw a Dermatologist for his skin.  The Dr said that he does not have a fungus and he is not contagious.  He has really bad Ezcema (just like I thought).  So Tyrique can go back to playing football and doing what he wants to do and he is soooooo excited.  Their first scrimage game is on Friday and then there is another one on Saturday and he does not want to miss those.

     Ok well enough for now.  I want to go eat something and relax....I haven't been able to eat anything today because my stomach was a mess but now I am HUNGRY. 

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Pink said...

Hæ ástin mín,
Æ ég vildi að ég væri þarna hjá þér núna. Mömmur og dætur eiga að búa nær hvor annari, einmitt þegar svona stendur á. Ég elska þig og verð hjá þér í anda og svo er eitt enn..... manstu þegar þú varst ný búin að eiga Ty þá var eitthvað í brjóstinu á þér.... ég tala við þig á morgun.
Kossar og knús mamma