Thursday, July 3, 2008

My beautiful Boys

  This Handsome Boy is Markus

This of course is Jalen

This is Tyrique when he graduated from the 5th grade

   And last but not least is Kobe

I decided to put some pics of the boys on my blog so you can see how cute they are and how big they are getting.  I also got some good news on Tuesday (day before Jalen left to go back home to his mom).  His mom called to tell us that she is going to let him stay here with us for the school year.  He went home last night like planned and then she is going to get him back to us by the time school starts.  I am so excited about him coming back home....He belongs here with us!!!  Ok well I am really busy so I will try to write again later today or something.  If not then Happy 4th of July tomorrow and everyone be safe.  No drinking and driving!!!!  

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