Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My poor sick baby

Here are some pics of Kobe that I took today.  He is sick with a viral infection which has caused a stomache flu and runny nose with coughing and a high fever.  He woke up this morning and he was so sick so I took him to the doctor and he said there is nothing we can do for him except let the viral infection run it's course.  Poor thing though he is feeling so horrible and he is sooooo miserable.  He woke up about 3 hours ago and he was ok when he got up and then now he is sooooo over it and ready to go back to sleep.  He hasn't wanted to eat much besides animal crackers and he has drank some formula today (his stomache is better today).  I am gonna go take care of him and get him ready for bed.  I also took a picture of Snuggles being lazy on the couch.  She looked so cute sitting there posing for the camera.  Have a great day everyone.

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