Monday, July 21, 2008

One week down....

Amazing that one week of counting calories and watching everything I eat can actually amount to a 6 lb weight loss. I am so excited about SP and I tell everyone I can about it. I was in Wal-Mart the other night and I was telling the cashier about it and she was so excited and could not wait to get home and start her own page. I went to the movies last night with my husband (we saw Dark Night by the way....really good movie) and I did not get soda. That was a huge deal, I have never been to the movies and not drank soda. I am now soda free for over a week and I am so proud to have not drank any. I have a 24 pack in the fridge with only 2 sodas gone and that was before I started SP and I am not even tempted by it anymore. I was at first but now I just get my lemon water and go on my merry way. Well now it is week two and I am excited to see what this week has to offer. Oh one thing I want to mention though,,,,last night I was laying in bed talking to my husband and he asked me how much weight I am trying to loose and I said that I want to loose 28 more lbs and he said "you know I think you look great the way you are" I thought that was so sweet. He is so supportive and so good to me. I told him imagine how good I will look at 150 lbs!!! I think it had alot to do with the fact that I wore a bikini to the pool yesterday and I have not done that since I was pregnant. My stomach has just really gone down in the last week and I felt good enough to wear a bikini so I did. Ok enough of my I can go on forever. 

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