Monday, July 6, 2009


I am going out of my mind right now!!!  I have been doing laundry for hours and trying to get all the stuff together that every one in Iceland requested.  I can not find one scratch that two suitcases that I need to use for the boys.  I borrowed two suitcases from one of my neighbors thinking I had another big one here and then plenty of small ones.  Nope....I only found one small suitcase and obviously that is not enough for the boys!!!

We are leaving tomorrow night around 8 pm to start driving to Boston and then the boys are supposed to check in by noon on Tuesday.  Their flight leaves after 2 pm and then I will head back home.  This is going to be quite the drive I am making.  My neighbor and friend Geneva is going to try to make the trip with me so I don't have to do all that driving all alone.  Geneva does not drive but it would be great to have the company of someone else :o)  

Ok off to go do some more laundry and packing........oh and searching for suitcases.  Have a great night everyone.

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Sigurborg aka Sig said...

vona að strákarnir skemmti sér vel á Íslandi... það er hundleiðinlegt veður hérna eins og er en kannski rætist úr því! Hvað verða þeir lengi heima?