Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It's that time of week again!!! Time for Toot your horn Tuesday!! After reading about my adventures make your way over to Silly little Sparrow and read about her and everyone elses toots. All you have to do is click on the button above and it will take you right over to her blog :o)

So in the last week I finished up my daycare and I am now a Full time Stay at Home Mamma :o) I will be a full time student come August 20 th but until then I am a stay at home Mamma.

Since Friday I have taken the boys to the pool 3 times and plan on going again tomorrow....whew that is a lot of pool time. My tan is looking good though :o) I am trying to do as much with the boys before they leave for Iceland next Tuesday.

My hubby is the greatest and on Sunday morning before I even woke up he had the whole house cleaned :o) I woke up to a *Sparkly* clean house, I love it!!! Since then I have kept everything in this house spot less because I love the feeling of clean :o)

That's it for my Tooting. Again head over to Silly little Sparrow by clicking on the button at the top of my blog to read hers and everyone elses.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

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Leah said...

Enjoy all your time with the kids! They're going to Iceland? Wow!