Monday, July 20, 2009

Not my child Monday

It is that time of week....Not me! Monday!!  But this week Mckmama has given it a little twist by doing a Not my child Monday instead...should be fun :o)  So after reading my Not my child Monday click on the button above and visit Mckmama and read her and everyone else´s Not my child Monday.

Friday last week Kobe did not sleep until 11:40!!!  I did not go into his room and try to wake him up well before that only to have him snuggle a little bit closer into his pillow and blankie.  I then did not leave the room thinking "oh that was too cute, I will let him sleep a little bit longer" and then forget about him until 11:40!!!!  

Then on Friday night we did not go to the store and forget the diaper bag at home, not us we are great parents that never forget the diaper bag.  Of course Kobe did not poop in his diaper as soon as we got into the store, he also  did not stink up the WHOLE entire store with his not poopy diaper!!!

Now on Saturday Dewayne was not playing a boxing game on the X-BOX 360, he never does that!!!  Kobe did not then sit down next to his Daddy with his X-BOX controller and head set on and yell "knock him down Daddy" because Kobe would never know to say such a thing.  I don't know how a child of 22 months could say knock him down.

Shortly after Kobe did not sit down next to his Daddy the puppy Maya did not start barking because she wanted out of the kitchen.  We would never put a gate up in the kitchen to keep the dog in, nope not us.  Well when Maya did not start to bark, Kobe did not yell at her "shut up Maya"!!!  Nope not my child.....he would never say shut up.  Shut up is a bad word in our house and NONE of my children say that word, especially not Kobe!!!  

Since we are not talking about bad words Kobe also did not hear me say "Oh shit" when I dropped something and turn around and say shit to his Daddy.  I would NEVER say shit in front of my baby and hell I never say any bad words period!!!  His Daddy did not turn around and give me the evil eye because of the bad word that did not come out of my babies mouth.  Nope not in my household!!!

Ok well that is it for my Not my child Monday.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our wonderful baby boy Kobe (he is the only child here in the house to write about).  

*****Shut up really is a bad word in our house and is not allowed to be said*****

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