Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday

It is that time of week again.....Toot your horn Tuesday!!! After reading my great Toots push the button above and go over to A Silly little Sparrow to read her Toots and then you can read everyone else's Toots too :o)

In the last week I have not done too much. I spent Sunday cleaning my living room, cleaning the carpets (or having the neighbor clean them I should say....I deserve a Toot for getting someone else to do it for me :o) in time for my new couch that I got on Monday. Then Monday I helped my neighbor/friend pack all her house hold goods into boxes and then a U-Haul and then today I helped them unload the U-Haul at their new home. So now they are no longer neighbors but they will forever be my friends. I am really going to miss having my wonderful friend live 30 steps away :o( Now I have to drive 30 minutes to see her....that's really not so bad though.

After helping her move I came home and took a very much needed shower and spent the rest of the day with Dewayne and Kobe. We went and picked up chinese from my favorite Chinese restaurant. After dinner Dewayne and I sat down on our new couch and watched Wanted. That was a really good movie, very unexpected. And now that I am done blogging I am going to

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