Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It is time for Toot your Horn Tuesday again (missed it last week because due to lack of mouse for the computer....see post below for Not the reason why it was MIA).  So after reading about how great me and my family are click on the button above to visit Silly little sparrow to visit her and read her Toot your horn Tuesday and everyone elses that decided to join in on the fun.  

Yesterday after finishing up my Not me! Monday post, my wonderful 9 year old son Markus came home from school.  He had the best news ever to share with me.....He made Vice President for the Student Council next school year!!!  He worked so hard on campaigning for it, making about 15 posters to hang up all over the school.  Writing a great speech that I wish I would have thought to scan on my computer.  He was so excited to run for Vice President and my wonderful son WON!!!!  I am so proud of him.

While I am tooting Markus's horn let me also tell you all that my son is receiving two awards tomorrow for having Honor Roll the whole year as well as Perfect attendance for the WHOLE year!!!  My son has not missed one single day the whole school year :o)  It took a lot for him to keep the perfect attendance, he was so determined though!!!

I don't know what to Toot my own horn about....you all must know how hard it is to think of something to toot about when you are a mom, I can think of all kind of things for the kids but not myself :o)  

Well onto Tyrique then....My big boy is such a great big brother that I have to give him a big shout out on here.  He is always taking care of his baby brothers and I know sometimes when I have to go to the gym and he has to baby sit for me he would rather be outside playing with the kids.  He doesn't complain (too much) and he is so good to them.  He gets irritated with them when they get into his stuff but any big brother does.  But he is patient in teaching them new stuff and he is so loving.  

Jalen is doing so good at looking both ways when crossing the street (in the parking lot :o).  He has been working very hard at remembering to look both ways and now he remembers it every time.  Jalen is a great singer and remembers the words to songs like you all would not believe.  He memorizes all kinds of songs and LOVES to sing in the church choir.  He sings gospel music, children's songs and a whole lot of Beyonce songs all day for me :o)

Kobe my little baby boys is doing so great at talking.  I was nervous for awhile thinking maybe his speech was delayed.  But then all of a sudden he started talking and hasn't stopped since.  He can say 4 to 5 word sentences and he is 21 months old.  He tells me Mamma I got Boo-Boo and I have to pee (he thinks that is so cool but he hasn't peed yet for me).  He can tell me that he wants to eat and that he wants his cup.  When someone rings our door bell he yells out WHO'S THERE???  He is such a cutie pie :o)  Oh by the way he got a hair cut last week and now he has no more long curly hair.....He has super short straight black hair.  I know it will curl right back up when it grows out but it is just weird seeing him like this.  I cried and screamed when I saw his hair cut, his Daddy surprised me by getting it cut.  But, I like it now!!!  It made it look so much older but I think it was definitely time to cut his hair, it is way too hot here in Virginia Beach to have all that hair.

Ok enough for today I will see you all next week for another Toot your horn Tuesday.  Remember to go visit Silly little sparrow and check out her Toot your horn Tuesday and play along with us if you want.  It is so much fun :o)  


Leah said...

Your kids are doing all these wonderful things, because you are doing a great job raising them! So that's a bit Toot for you!! Thanks for playing along again. Have a good week!

Deidra said...

Sounds like those boys have a mom who loves them, cares for them, and encourages them! Keep up the good work!