Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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On Thursday almost two weeks ago Kobe did not get a hold of my mouse and put it in a cup full of iced tea and ruin it.  Not my son!  I did not have to wait till pay day (this weekend...10 days later) to buy a new one because Apples Mighty mouse is $80.  This is also not my third mouse since buying this computer 2 years ago!  I would never allow my child to get into my mouse again and again.  Nope not me!

Wednesday of last week Kobe did not wake up with a high fever.  He was not miserable and I did not have to call all my daycare kids' parents to tell them to keep their kids home for the day.  I did not wait till 6:30 pm to take him to the ER because I could not get an appointment at his Drs. office.  I did not find out he had an upper respiratory infection as well as some sort of bacterial infection in his body causing his white blood cell count to become really high.  

I did not leave the ER at almost 10 pm to go to the pharmacy to get his antibiotics and since there was a 15 minute wait, I certainly did not drive over to Wendy's to get some dinner for me because I had not eaten knowing I would NOT have to wait forever at the ER with him.  

I did not go home after getting the meds and call all my daycare parents again to tell them to keep their children home another day because Kobe was still sick.  I did not feel horrible since I only had two and a half weeks left before I quit doing daycare.  

During those two days off from work while Kobe was sick I DID NOT ignore the mess in my house and lay around with Kobe all day.  I did not let me dishes stack high enough to reach the sky for two days in a row because I am the cleanest person in the world and I would never let my kitchen get dirty....Nope not me!

On Saturday I did not go buy myself a cell phone and since they were not giving me two free cell phones with my plan I certainly did not give my 12 year old and 9 year old their very own cell phones.  Who would do such a thing...Not me!

I then did not turn around and spend almost $300 buying Tyrique a PSP (Playstation Portable...hand held game) that he was promised a year ago and games for him and Markus.  After spending all that money on cell phones what Mom would possible spoil her kids so much in one day???  Not me!

I did not turn around and buy Jalen a V.Smile hand held game too because he had to have his own game since his big brothers got one.  Not me!  I would never try to make sure that no one got jealous or left out in my house.  Nope not me!

Well that is it for my Not me! Monday.  Hope you all enjoyed and I will see you all next week for another episode :o)

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