Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It is time for Toot Your Horn Tuesday again. After reading my blog click on the button above to go over to The Silly little Sparrow and read her and everyone else's Toots.

To start off my tooting let me tell you about the awesome work my husband did yesterday. See we just bought a new car last week and we are putting our TV/stereo thing into the front console and we decided that we are going to buy TVs for the headrests for the boys. We take a lot of long trips back and forth to Chicago and it would be great to have the TVs in the back to keep the boys entertained. Well the stores that Dewayne went to yesterday wanted $800 for two headrest TVs and then even more to install them. Well my wonderful hubby went online last night and found 4 headrests for $500!!! So we ordered them so we can have TVs in all the headrests for the boys and now all we have to pay is the installation :o) I am so excited about these TVs, they include games and each TV can watch a separate movie. I think the boys are going to loooooovvveee these TVs.

Well as for me I haven't done much in the last week to Toot about. I have been staying in the house and trying to maintain the mess in here :o) The boys were supposed to go to Florida last week but something came up so they are not going. Well I went through their rooms last week and cleaned them all up and sorted through their clothes and we gave away 80% of their clothes. I was so excited to see all those clothes go so I don't have to wash them ever again :o)

I do have one thing that I am really excited about and that is that Friday is my last day of work!! No more daycare for me :o) I am going to be starting school in August and decided to take the summer off (well most of it). I can not wait to get my house back to the way I want it. I am getting tired of having my house look like a daycare. I have pack m plays (beds) in every room for my daycare kids and I have baby gates every where and a big toy box in my living room. Now as of Friday I do not have to worry about that any more. I plan on taking everything out of my living room and cleaning my carpets, walls and baseboards sometime next week. Then in July we are getting new leather couches, the one I have now was brand new when I started doing daycare and it is looking rough!!! It has spots all over it and I can't stand having to clean it all the time. I will never get micro fiber ever again!!!! I hate that material more than anything else!!

Ok well enough for today, see you guys again next week for some more Toot your Horn Tuesday.

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Leah said...

Hey, that's a lot to toot about! You're starting school? That's so cool. You'll do great! Thanks for playing along again! You're my best participant! Have a good week.