Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

So I love reading MckMama and she has this great game that she does every Monday called Not Me Monday. Basically you write all the things that you did but write as if you did not do these things. So this Monday I am going to play along :o)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by href="">MckMama. You can head over to href="">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Here is a link to her blog so you can all read her blog and play along with the game.

So here goes nothing....

Last Thursday I did not go to TCC to take an assessment test in ESL (English Second Language) so that I can start school in the fall, nope not me. I also did not get a test question that had a picture of a woman reading a book and I was not asked what the woman was doing because that is something a kindergartner would know. Nope not me!!! I do not feel like I aced that test because it was ridiculous. Nope not me!!

This weekend we did not eat out both nights because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store to buy food.....oh not not me, never me!! I also did not let my house get turned upside down because I was too lazy to clean it. Nope not me!!! I did not rush around here like a mad woman cleaning this house up this morning because my floors were sticky and my counter tops were stained red. Nope not me!!!

Last night I did not go to a chinese restaurant to eat with the family for Mothers day and get pissed off when the bill arrived because we paid double what we usually pay at this same restaurant. I did not call the waitress over to find out why the bill was so high only to be told it was because there was a Mother's day special and that was why the bill was so high??? I did not walk out of there telling Dewayne that I would never eat there again because they cheated us because it was Mother's day. Nope not me, never me. I never get mad when I get charged double what I usually pay and don't say anything about it. No not me!!!

Ok so that is it for my Not me Monday. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe I will start doing that some more. Also I need to upload the pics that were taken of us at the Beach while my Mamma and Amma were here. And I need to be better at blogging, I have been sucking lately and I know it.

Have a great Monday everyone.


Mommy of M's said...

Great Not Me's!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!! And for clicking my ads

Sigurborg said...

bíddu, varstu ekki fárveik á sunnudaginn? Guð, ekki hefði ég getað farið á kínverskan stað að borða ef ég hefði verið búin að vera með magapest allan daginn........

Edda Soffía said...

Gott hjá ykkur að eyða deginum saman fjölskyldan á mæðradaginn. Ég vildi að ég hefði haft alla mína krakka hjá mér..... en humm ekkert við því að gera, við vorum saman í huganum. Love u all kv mamma