Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exciting things to come....

In two weeks my Mamma and Amma (Grandmother) are coming to visit!!!  My Mamma is staying for 11 days and my Amma is staying for a month :o)  My Amma is not going to be here with me the whole month but she will be here longer than my Mamma and then my Amma is going to see her friend in Ohio.  I am so excited!!!!  I have not had any family here since January of 2008 and I am definitely do for some family visit!!!  

My friend Rachel is going to watch my daycare kids for some of the days for me so we can go do some shopping and running around.  That is so wonderful because every time I have had someone here to visit me I have always had to work the whole time.  

Also we are going to Chicago for Easter and I can not wait to see Jalen!!!  I miss him so much and I know Dewayne and the boys miss him like crazy too.  We are going to leave here on Thursday next week and come home on Monday.  I am not looking forward to the drive there but I know it will be worth it when we get there.  This is the longest I have gone without going to Chicago since I met Dewayne.  I haven't been there in 13 months!!  Wow!!  I know that Dewayne's family is really excited to see Kobe and the boys too.  They haven't seen Kobe since he was 6 months old and now he is almost 19 months and walking and talking!!!  Hopefully he will be good on the drive there.....he screamed bloody murder on the way home from Chicago last time.  But when we went to Missouri he did really good on the drive there and back and the Chicago trip takes about the same amount of time.  

Well I don't remember if I have written about the orders or not but Dewayne is going to Bahrain.  He will leave here on August 1 and he is going to be there for 1 year :o(  I don't know what we are going to do without him.  It still has not sunk in and I'm sure it wont sink in until it comes closer to go time.  He is getting everything ready with the military now, doing all his check out with medical and dental and everything else he needs to do.  

While Dewayne is gone I am going to go to school.  I have already applied and now all I need to do is go take my placement test.  I am going to wait about a month though and study the hell out of my practice book before I go so I will score well on the test.  The test determines where I stand and I do not want to have to take some refresher courses and have to pay for them out of pocket if I do not have to.  Hopefully I will do good and can go straight to the courses I need to go into nursing.  I have to do about one year of courses before I can start the nursing program because they have so many classes that are required to get into the program.  Well that is ok because that just means I do not have to switch schools halfway through my nursing degree if we get orders somewhere else when Dewayne comes home from Bahrain.  I am really excited about starting school.  I thought about doing some summer classes but I think I am going to wait until fall so I am not swamped with school work the last few months that Dewayne has left at home. 

Ok well enough for now.  I have to go take some Tylenol my head is BOOM BOOMING!!!  That means hurting really bad for those of you who did not get that :o)  Have a great Thursday everyone.

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