Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is Not me Monday time again and this time I am a little bit more prepared for it.  
Not me Monday is created by MckMama and when you finish reading my Not me Monday you can go over to her blog and see her Not me Monday as well as everyone elses.  

Let me start off by telling you all how I did not work out 5 days in a row last week.  I did not run a mile straight with no stopping in 13 minutes on day 3 and was not running 1 mile straight in 11 minutes by Friday.  Nope not me I could never do that.  I did not work out so hard on Friday that I have been sore all weekend.  Nope not me.

Since I was not so good at working out all week I did not go and get a tanning membership to reward myself for all my hard work.  I didn't get a tanning membership living in Virginia, who would do that??  Not me!!  Since I am always able to go outside to enjoy all the sun I want why would I go buy a tanning membership.  

I also did not host a Birthday party for my now 9 year old son with over 30 people here.  If I would host a birthday party I would be all prepared and not wait till the last minute to go buy all the food and cake.  I am so much more organized than that.  I would never rush around like a mad woman when I have everything prepared and the house clean way in advance.  Nope not me.

Sunday while it was NOT raining buckets here I also did not lounge around all day in my underwear and robe doing nothing.  No I would never do such a thing, I am dressed as soon as I get out of the bed and I do not sit around and do nothing all day.  I also did not watch Marley and me and cry my eyes out at the end of the movie in front of all my children and have them and my hubby laughing at me and making fun of me because I never cry at sad endings.   Nope not me!!!

I also did not start my Monday morning at the doctors office fighting to get my blood drawn so I can get more Thyroid meds.  Why would I have to fight to get my blood drawn when my dr had already put in my blood work to be drawn with the lab forever ago.  The lab tech would not ever be too lazy to just draw my blood like it says on the lab work instead of making me reschedule the appointment and inconvenience me just because she didn't want to go past 90 days to look for my lab work.  Nope that's not how my Monday started.

Ok that was my second attempt at Not me Monday and I have to say that I really enjoy Not me Mondays.  At least it has me blogging again...right?  Ok off to take care of all these children that I have here in my home.  


~HeLeN~ said...

I think tanning is a great post workout reward! A little "me" time never felt so good! Great job on running! Happy Monday!

GodseySix said...

Great Not me! Monday! WooHoo on all the workout time! Great stuff! And what's all this about people crying at the end of Marley and me? I fell asleep about 20 minutes before the end. Maybe I should rewatch it??? :)