Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

I am so proud to live in America today.  Words can not describe how I felt as I watched the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  I sat here with tears rolling down my cheeks thinking about what this means for my own children.  America now has a BLACK President and hopefully that means no more racism and no more prejudice in this great country.  I am so thankful and so proud to have lived to see this moment.  

I don't have the right words to say to express how I feel today.  I hope President Obama will do a wonderful job in office and make us all proud....I know he will do a wonderful job.  We now need him to get in office and stop this war and help the worlds economic crisis.  

This past weekend Dewayne, Kobe and I went to Washington DC for Arena football try outs for Dewayne and after the try outs we went sight seeing in DC.  We took pics of the White house, Pentagon, Arlington cemetery and more.  It was wonderful to see all of this only days before the Obamas moved to DC.  I am going to post the pics that we took and then I am going to write another blog in regards to this weekend.  

Again let me say how proud I am today of this great country for making this huge step.